SiteGround Launches a Spring Security Initiative, the well-known web hosting company, has launched a “Spring Security Initiative.” The company informs all its customers about the best ways for protecting their websites from scam, spam, hacking and other Internet frauds. Throughout the whole spring season, SiteGround will offer affordable security solutions to every client who is interested in protecting his/her privacy and doing business in a more secure online environment.

SiteGround offers SSL certificates and Domain ID Protect (for the Whois database) to help its customers increase their website security. The company has made special discounts of all SSLs and Domain ID Protect services to make it even more accessible for its clients to protect their identity and other sensitive information transferred over the net.

SiteGround evaluated its customer needs and concluded that it should dedicate more attention to the online security issue. “We have seen that many clients are scared from various frauds such as identity theft, hacks, spam, but are also unaware how to protect themselves. That is why we decided to launch this Spring Security Initiative and increase the awareness of the possible ways to protect their sites. We also provided affordable solutions for their security needs,” says Lilyana Yakimova, the SiteGround Marketing Manager. The SiteGround Security Initiative will continue throughout the whole spring season, until the end of May, 2006.

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