SiteGround Has Launched a Free Hosting Program

SiteGround web hosting company has launched a Free Hosting Program. The program rewards SiteGround customers with months of free hosting for referring new customers.

SiteGround customer base has grown rapidly over the last year due mainly to referrals. More and more happy clients recommend their preferred host to friends and site visitors. “We saw that many of our clients refer new customers without expecting anything in return, just because they like our hosting. We thought we may start rewarding them and stimulate them further to recommend our services. That's how we came up with the Free Hosting program”, says Ms Yakimova, the SiteGround Marketing Manager.

The Free Hosting Program rewards existing customers with months of free hosting for every new customer they send. SiteGround provides all the tools needed for easy referral and precise tracking of these referrals. The company designed various banners and text links for the customers to choose and upload on their websites. Every customer gets a unique referral link that allows SiteGround to record and report precisely the referrals that this customer has made.

The Free Hosting Program already turns out to be very successful. The statistics show that currently more than 20% of SiteGround customers do not pay renewal fees. Many of the clients have earned years of free hosting and enjoy the benefits of SiteGround service.

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