SiteGround contributed the MamboServer’s Template Section

SiteGround web hosting company hosts the MamboServer's Template Section. The company designed all the related pages and donated all the templates currently available there. Mambo users may now find 24 free templates for their websites at MamboServer's site made by SiteGround.

SiteGround has been providing quality hosting service to Mambo users for more than 3 years. The company also voluntarily undertakes lots of projects that largely benefit the whole Mambo community. Some of these projects include new Mambo templates design, Mambo tutorial, and now the partnership with MamboServer on the development of its Mambo templates section.

SiteGround is happy to work with MamboServer as this is one of the organizations that has done a lot for the popularity of Mambo CMS. The company firmly believes that Mambo hosts and Mambo community should work hand in hand for the successful growth of the Mambo open source project.

Product Development - Technical

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