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How We Support Communities

With our recent growth in people and offices abroad, we realized more than ever that our involvement in local communities and culture plays a crucial part in shaping both our personal and professional lives and invariably translates into our work. That’s why we made it a point to try to give back to the community however we can.

Lately we’ve been involved in supporting several interesting local projects, communities and causes that help us feel a more productive part of our environment and hopefully, make it better. We thought we’d tell you about them bit by bit with the hope that we can inspire you to find that local initiative that sparks your enthusiasm and gets you to do something – whether it’s cleaning the park, volunteering for a cause or a local festival or organizing a morning run group – we promise, it’s worth it. Today we start our Community series with our most recent initiative – supporting a live music concert in the city where our headquarters are located.

Who Let the Goats Out or Hosting a Live Music Band in Sofia


If you’ve ever met anyone from SiteGround in person, you’d know how much we like to have fun and how we always try to nurture our creative side. A couple of months ago two of Bulgaria’s most forward-thinking communities: a popular music podcast and an indie music fan platform reached out to us with an idea! They wanted to invite a contemporary European band for a live performance in Sofia, Bulgaria, where our headquarters are based. Their goal was to gather a vibrant community of young creative people who are deeply involved with developing the local music and art scene. Bold idea + Live music + Fun for the people = of course we said yes!

We actually got so inspired by the idea that we decided to create some new designs and swag using the mascot of the band – a little good-natured goat. We made flags, signs, stickers, posters – you name it. There was dancing, sing-alongs, even party parents with their babies, lots and lots of smiles and a true sense of community – that of the young city people who don’t get scared off by a bit of fun even on a Sunday night. The next morning we were all back to our usual work week, each of us doing our own thing, but we all carried that same music in our step, humming that from time to time a small celebration goes a long way.

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Dima Peteva

Head of Brand and Culture

Dima is leading all brand initiatives at SiteGround, where she started as one of our first team members way back in 2004. Since then, she has played a key role in different departments starting with Billing, Project Management, and Marketing. She’s witnessed the company grow from a handful of people to 600+ team members and more than 2 million domains hosted today. When she’s not leading the creative efforts at SiteGround, you can find her organising the local CreativeMornings chapter or taking her one-year-old Vizsla dog on a long walk.


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Paul Walker

Sep 05, 2020

well done step towards a better community creation. It will lead the people in a new way of life.

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Sep 11, 2020

Thanks, I'm blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. It's a smart decision choosing Siteground for hosting my clients' websites. The experience here is just a vortex

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Feb 25, 2021

Thanks for these informative and interesting tips. These are really helpful for us.


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