Launches the SiteGround Forum

UPDATE: Since 2014 we’ve decided to cancel and remove our bulletin board since we provide our customers with much better ways of communication and reaching support.

After a series of rapid service introductions, launched the SiteGround Forum. For the last 2 days since its opening, there have been 218 posts in the forum. SiteGround’s goal is to give its customers and visitors the opportunity to communicate and support each other through the forum. The SiteGround team sees the forum as a way to get the right signals about our customers’ ever-changing needs.

The forum should become a place where various topics of interest to the community are openly discussed. The forum was launched with 3 main categories: SiteGround; SiteGround Customers; and Marketing and E-commerce, but that was just the start. Based on the serious number of customers’ requests, SiteGround added 2 new categories within the last 3 days: “Comments and Suggestions” regarding the service of the company and “Development” section where problems with the programming and scripting could be discussed.

The SiteGround Team does not intend to moderate the forum and does not plan to provide support through the forum. Yet, the team is as excited about the forum as most of the customers who already actively write there. That is why the team voluntarily participates in the forum discussions. “I am so excited about the forum. The last two evenings when I get home, I sit in front of the computer and manage to post quite a few replies,” says Miguel, Developer at SiteGround. “No one expects it from me. I just like it. So do many other of my colleagues. After all we have expertise and experience and we don’t mind sharing them.”

SiteGround knows the forum is a great learning tool. The team reads everything that’s posted and is ready to react. They care to know what the needs of the community are and they want to provide the best hosting product with the best customer service based on these needs.

Hristo Pandjarov

WordPress Initiatives Manager

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

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