SiteGround chooses has chosen to provide low cost SSL certificates to its extensive worldwide customer base. The partnership will allow SiteGround customers to activate the ‘yellow padlock’ and secure their websites, transactions and other online services using highly trusted SSL security technology.

SiteGround partners with to maximize its competitiveness, increase its potential revenue and benefit from the expert technical support offered by staff. SiteGround also selected AlphaSSL certificates because they are trusted by all browsers and mobile devices and come with a free trust enhancing clickable site seal.

“AlphaSSL certificates are the ideal SSL solution for SiteGround to offer as part of its eCommerce hosting services” said Silvia Nikolova, Marketing specialist at SiteGround, “We can now offer customers highly trusted SSL with the confidence that they are being provided by a knowledgeable SSL provider, and our customers will benefit from our one stop shop service without needing to get SSL from elsewhere.”

AlphaSSL certificates are obtained easier and faster and will secure single domains or domains with multiple subdomains through the Wildcard SSL option. Recognized by 99%+ of all popular browsers and able to provide 128 bit to 256 bit strong encryption levels means AlphaSSL certificates are highly attractive to companies who must ensure all browsers and mobile devices are supported. SiteGround is now able to offer new and existing customers a well featured SSL certificate at a very reasonable price.

SiteGround provides the AlphaSSL certificates from $82.00/year.

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