SiteGround Affiliates Area Webinar - Video and Slides Available


As firm believers in educating and empowering all our clients and affiliates, we extended our webinars tradition and last week started a new webinar series for SiteGround affiliates. I was honored to present the first webinar which was focused on the tools and features available in our affiliate area. As the tradition goes, we’re making the video reply and slides publicly available, so feel free to watch here and download!

Next Affiliate Webinar – October 22nd

The 2nd webinar from the series will be on October 22nd and will reveal how SiteGround services compare to other hosts. As a SiteGround affiliate you probably hear that question a lot, so we’ve done some detailed real-life tests with leading hosting companies to answer this question. Our marketing director will reveal some interesting numbers, so hurry up and register for the webinar today. Space is limited 🙂


VP of Strategic Partnerships until 2017/05

After 10+ years at SiteGround, probably the only thing I haven’t done (yet) here is writing code. Today I help SiteGround grow our client base through events and partnerships. I have the immense pleasure to do it with the help of the best team members which I am also privileged to call friends.


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Oct 06, 2014

Appreciate SG doing this series but it's still unclear to me how affiliates are supposed to compete with the spammers in SERPs dominating web hosting affiliate programs.



Oct 09, 2014

Hey @Adam there are many ways to succeed as an affiliate w/o trying to rank a page for a generic term. Start by finding a 'niche' in the larger marketplace. Search for niche marketing and customer segmentation. Get specific about your audience, then look for active ways to drive traffic which don't break the bank... you know how to use a spreadsheet right? Aloha, Max


Bob Nelson

Oct 24, 2014

Thanks for the Affiliate webinars... could you let me know when the webinar you did yesterday (Oct 22nd) will be posted? Thanks Bob


Lily Siteground Team

Oct 30, 2014

The video from the 2nd webinar and its slides are already posted at: Thank you for you interest!



May 24, 2016

Are the banners responsive for using on mobile?


Marina Yordanova Siteground Team

May 25, 2016

Hello Cathryn, the banners are not responsive, but thank you for the request. We will definitely consider creating responsive banners in the future. Regards!


Muhammad Yasir

Aug 18, 2016

Any webinar this year?


Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Aug 19, 2016

We don't have any webinars planned yet but we will surely blog and mail our affiliates if we schedule one!


Jaswinder Kaur

May 12, 2017

Hello Tina, Thanks for this wonderful video. As I am starting new Blog, there I want to Promote Siteground products. Hope to succeed, so that's why i am leaning.



May 14, 2017

Great Job presenting! Thanks...look forward to learning and working alongside talented people such as the siteground team! Charles


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