SiteGround - 9 years later!

SiteGround turned 9!

Yes, we turned 9 last week! So many things have happened since we initially registered our domain name (on 22nd of March, 2004, which date we have chosen to celebrate as our birthday), that I feel like we have started it all in another lifetime! But what is SiteGround now, nine years after it was founded? As part of the birthday event there were lightning talks given by different people from the company, who felt like sharing some thoughts and ideas with the others. There were no rules who will talk and what will be the topic covered. However, what people chose to talk about naturally became a very good representation of what SiteGround is curently really about:

SiteGround is truly geeky!

How else would we have someone talking about automating the pedal pushing of his off-road vehicle with a software, so he can stop using his feet? Or making his kitchen light bulbs controlled through his smartphone? Or having created the perfect home multi-media device installing Linux to a circuit board (on the image)? And who else is better than this same geek to come up with all the great server performance optimizations that were developed during the last year?

SiteGround’s support people are super heroes!

Had to become Batman!How else would they inspire their manager to come up with his unique tale about what is it to drive a tram and how it is a completely different job than what his crew does. As he said: “To be a good support person, you should not be a carman, you should be a Batman! There are no laid trails that you can just follow; instead you should be ready to go beyond what is obvious to find the best solution of the reported problem.

People like working at SiteGround!

Work at Google? No, thanks.This was once again stated in the very first talk: “Why I do NOT want to work for Google?” And the simple answer was: because I already work at SiteGround and I really like it! I cannot agree more with that. I think that what makes SiteGround a great place to work is not simply the great office or the cool working benefits, but its inspiring people. It just feels great when your colleagues can make you laugh with their great sense of humor. It also feels great when your co-workers can make you cry with their true empathy with people in need. And it feels awesome to be a part of a team that creates something really good!

SiteGround makes great parties!

Another truth about SiteGround: we never miss an opportunity to make a blasting party. Below are just a few captured moments from the Birthday celebration, more are available in our FaceBook profile.

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Lilyana Yakimova

Product Owners Team Lead

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality.

Comments ( 4 )

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Chad Ely

Apr 03, 2013

I've been here working with Siteground for all 9 years also. I wouldn't dream of using someone else.

author avatar

Sara Lee

Apr 04, 2013

I am truly amazed by Siteground. Definitely the best web hosting company.

author avatar

Sabina Ramsey

May 31, 2013

Glad to work with the team at Siteground. You are the best of the best out there!

author avatar

Joxe Yabiku

Jun 27, 2014

Me encanta trabajar con el equipo de Siteground. mis proyectos están muy bien respaldadas,


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