The whole web seems to be talking about analytics and conversion rates these days and you are stuck at how to put a social media share button on your website? Depressed you don't know enough about your customers? Don't have the budget to pay developers to fulfill your dream concept? With our new partnership with SiteApps, not having the funds or technical skills won't be stopping you anymore from having a great site which sells effectively.

SiteApps makes adding special features to a website really simple, the way you install apps on a smartphone. It also gives you the power to analyze, segment, and target your visitors in a simple way that just works.

Introducing SiteApps for webmasters

SiteApps is a service for webmasters that combines several key features to allow you to quickly and easily update your website, target your audience on a granular level, and convert better by doing the following things:

  1. In-depth analytics report & recommendations - SiteApps goes through your Google Analytics data to give you insight into how people are using your website and provides suggestions on improving their experience. Following the analysis, SiteApps provides specific recommendations for individual marketing, social media, sales, payment and customer service apps according to the findings of the analytics report. While these recommendations are based on the findings in the report, you are free to select apps independently of them.
  2. Adding more functionality with apps - by adding a simple Javascript code to your website (manually or through a plugin/extension if running on WordPress, Joomla, etc.) you can install various "apps" to improve performance. Offerings in the marketplace range between small "extras" like putting a Santa's hat on your site's logo and advanced marketing tools such as A/B testing and exit surveys. Currently, there are over 100 different apps with the number rising constantly.
  3. Personalize website experience for each user – with SiteApps you get the capability to segment your users based on a large number of characteristics - location, new-vs-returning, device, OS, etc. - and show them different "versions" of your website. Segments additionally make it easy to track how changes to your website affect visits and behaviour.

Get more with your SiteGround account

As a SiteGround customer you will get integration with the service through your cPanel and an extra FREE app on top of SiteApps' free account which allows you to be running up to 2 free apps and measure up to 2 customized segments at any time. Paid plans give you higher counts of apps and segments you can utilize simultaneously on your site. And if you upgrade within the next 60 days you'll get a 50% lifetime discount on your account!

It takes seconds to get started with SiteApps

Just go to the cPanel of your account and locate the SiteApps icon. Link your website with SiteApps and add the Javascript code following the instructions on the website. That's it! All management is done through the SiteApps dashboard – you can look at analytics, create user segments, and install apps with a few clicks from it.

Get started by logging to your cPanel or visiting