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We welcome 32 Site5 support stars!

During the last few years SiteGround has been going through an impressive and steady growth. For the first three quarters of 2016 only, we have hired more than 100 new people and the number of our employees went well over 400. Among all these amazing new SiteGrounders there is one group, that is especially interesting. Their welcome packs were sent to 10 different countries, where we have never had employees before. They have tons of relevant experience: one of them has been doing web hosting for more than 14 years! And they all have been Site5 top performing customer service representatives. No doubt we are quite excited to have them with us, because the story how they joined our team is inspiring and also because what they bring to our company is of a special value.

A story about friendship among competitors.

It all started on a World Hosting Days event in Germany, in 2011, where SiteGround people first met Site5 people. Despite of the fact that both companies were direct competitors, it soon became clear that we have many common values. Both organizations were fanatic about good support and constantly looking for technological innovations in our field. Unsurprisingly, this was a solid ground, on which the acquaintance between our CEO Tenko Nikolov and Site5 CEO Ben Welch-Bolen developed into a very close professional relationship, and they were regularly sharing ideas and knowledge throughout all these years.

Last year Ben has chosen to focus on a new project, and Endurance IG has acquired the Site5 brand. It turned out that the new owners had no plans to keep the amazing support team of the company and Ben contacted Tenko about the situation. It was a perfect timing, as we were actively looking for new support engineers and we knew that Site5 people are really good at what they do. So, as a result of this great relationship among competitors, this accumulated hosting support talent was not spilled.

The value Site5 people bring to SiteGround

By joining our company the ex-Site5 people bring a collective experience of more than 120 years in the field of the high-quality hosting support. We are very happy to welcome these amazing 32 professionals, as each of them has been among the highest achievers in their previous team. We believe that they will easily fit in our organization, as they are already used to high performance standards.

Another valuable thing the new team brings is the much more distributed work environment. Till now, most of our support representatives have been working from one of our offices. The ex-Site5 people that join us, live in 10 different countries around the world, including the USA, Romania, Argentina, Ukraine, the Philippines, etc. and will continue to work from their homes, as they have been used to. This distributed working culture used to be one of the big differentiators of the Site5 brand before and we believe it is a great asset. After all, the pool of talents for a job is incomparably bigger when your limit is the whole world, instead of the few cities, where your physical offices are located. Till now, SiteGround had just a few exceptions of people living and working outside our main locations, and the new Site5 group is our first big step in this exciting direction.

So, welcome to all the new people and thank you for joining us! We hope this is the start of a long and inspiring journey together.

Lilyana Yakimova: I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality. My rewarding and challenging job is to help SiteGround communicate its strengths in the best way possible, learn from its mistakes and become a better person, oops, I meant a better brand!

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  • Interesting. I hosted with Site5 for years and left only because they had been purchased by EIG. Their support is top-notch. Good to know they are on board at Siteground. Congratulations all around!

  • This is amazing news! I knew something had happened at site5. Their support just stopped being supportive lol. I couldn't help to wonder what happened to the staff there as they were absolutely wonderful with support. Top notch! I moved to siteground after being at site5 for 6 years! I was testing it out to move up towards 20 clients of mine to siteground. After hearing this I am 100% positive that I will be moving them here now once their current plans expire there. Thanks so much for bringing in their support staff and NOT selling out. Please for the love of God, don't ever sell out. We Web designers wI'll be loyal and love you forever. Especially after a move like this!!

  • Wow - I have been struggling to figure out what's going on w/ support for DAYS, and now I see! I've been at Site5 since 2004, what a bummer. I guess it's time to move!

  • I am done with Site5. They used to be great but they are no longer. We have a VPS6 with site5. 200GB divided over 114 accounts. How do i migrate this easily :-(

    • We can easily migrate it to a Cloud hosting solution. Please, mail me directly at hristo.p {at} siteground.com so we can talk about that.

  • I was with Site5 for 11 years. Almost 10 of those years were exceptional. Fast. Reliable. Nice. Then it changed, thank to EIG. Now I am with SiteGround.

  • Hello,

    We're con Site5 from more than 3 years now and we have worked very well till some months ago. Now we have an issue with them (we cannot access to our cPannel from more than 1 month and they are not able to solve the problem). Do you think you can help us to solve this problem? Move to you and have the best support there can be? Thank you very much.
    Best regards,

    • Unfortunatelly, we can't help you with your account with Site5 but we offer free transfer to our customers and once you have your site moved to us we will happily assist you with all technical problems you experience(if any).

  • I guess we'll be the next ones to jump from Site5 to Siteground. Apart from everything else that already has been said, and yes support is a BIG deal, they've erased all the invoices history migrating to their new backstage access. They are dead to me.

  • Seems like there are a few people here are coming from Site 5. Me included. Recently Site 5 support has been slow, sometimes waited more than 1 hour to have a live chat, and something happen to client's websites I hosted with Site5, my account got suspended coz of billing issue. Now I know the whole story!

    Glad that the experienced Site5 staffs are on board with SiteGround. Their support in the past had been really good.

  • So there they went.. lol.. you wouldnt believe what has Site5 become now they are gone..

    We are now dying together with Site5 .. just kidding we moved long time ago .. so sorry we didn't knew where you guys went.. as we had 5 awesome years with the Site5 before it sold out.

  • I to are having issues with site5.
    The person who took care of our websites passed away and I'm totally clueless without the excellent help we used to have at site5. If someone could contact us about migrating over to you guys that would be great.

    • Please, contact us via the Live Chat. We offer free transfer as part of our hosting service :)