Asia & Australia“Hey Lily, we've moved to Singapore!” I got this message few days ago on FaceBook from one of my college mates, who had just left Washington DC for a fresh start in Asia. Knowing what we were working on the last few weeks, I was tempted to answer: “We are already there too!”. I just imagined how she would read my reply several times, trying to figure out what was going on, knowing me as a person, who had never considered a relocation. The truth is that I haven't packed for a new home, as I really love mine. However, SiteGround has added a new data center location and we now have servers in Singapore too!

Why Singapore?

After we have provided the benefit of a geographically closer server to our European users and received some great feedback about the increased website loading speeds, the time has come to address the needs of the next two biggest groups of SiteGround customer: the people from India and Australia. The two countries come in top positions in our lists both in number of existing customers and in amount of traffic they send to our website. Additionally, there are several more countries from the Asia-Pacific region like Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. that stand out as having a good potential for using SiteGround services. So to offer all these people the same loading speed our USA and European customers enjoy we started to look for our next server location.

The geographical position of Singapore, being in the middle between India and Australia, was a good staring point. However, what really made our choice even easier was the fact that our long time partner SoftLayer has already set facilities there. So with this great geographical location and the quality data center we know we can count on, we searched no more: our servers in Singapore are already setup and are welcoming their first users from the Asia-Pacific region.

The hosting services currently available on our Singapore servers include Standard Shared plan, Shared PLUS plan and the Reseller Package. Additionally, all the extra services we provide like SSL, dedicated IP, daily backup, etc. will also be available in the new location. And one more thing: unlike other prices, which my just-arrived-in-Singapore friend described as amazingly high, SiteGround web hosting prices will be as low as they are in the USA and Europe!

Eager to try Singapore for yourself? You can choose this location on the order page during the sign up process and relocate your existing accounts from the user and reseller areas.

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager