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SG Optimizer for WordPress Multisite Setup

Our WordPress plugin - the SG Optimizer was launched more than five years ago. Initially, it just allowed our WordPress users to benefit from our unique dynamic caching option - the SuperCacher. We later added 2 more functionalities to the plugin: PHP version update and HTTPS-one-click setup. Now we're launching a new plugin update that includes something many of our clients have asked for - multisite support. Read on to see what we've done and how this can benefit you and your network of WordPress sites.

Caching made easy for multiple sites

1. Configure fast Cache options through WP network admin

With the new update, a WordPress multisite network admin will be able to perform easily the major SuperCacher related actions. They include cache purging, switching on and off the dynamic cache, and the autopurge options. All these can be applied with a click per site or in bulk for a group of sites from one screen - the WP sites page for network admins.

2. Cache Config Access Control

Furthermore, the network admin can decide if the SuperCacher config will be accessible in the WP admin for any of the sites in the network. If access is allowed, site admins with regular admin access can also manage the cache options. Otherwise, they won't be able to access caching or HTTPS options.

3. Default Cache Options for New Sites on the Network

With the new update, a WordPress multisite admin will be able to set if all new sites are launched with dynamic cache enabled by default and if the network as a whole will be using Gzip compression and browser cache leverage. Check out our detailed tutorial on How to Configure SuperCacher for WordPress Multisite environment.

Manage HTTPS Аcross the Network

Through the site settings in the WP network admin, you will be now able to force HTTPS on each of your sites. In addition, you can select whether the HTTPS config will be available in the site WP admin too, or only network admins will be able to manage this option.

Manage PHP Version for the Multisite Network

As all sites in a WP multisite setup should always use one and the same PHP version, the PHP config will now be available only for Network Admins. The network administrator will be able to use all cool PHP test and change functionality as stand-alone WordPress users. Changes, however, will be applied throughout the entire network.

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