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Sell Digital Products and Grow Your Online Business with Managed EDD Hosting

At SiteGround we’re constantly working to add even more value to our services and respond to our customers’ growing business needs. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to sell digital products online by partnering with Easy Digital Downloads – the leading WordPress-based eCommerce platform for selling digital products. You can now take advantage of a powerful managed eCommerce hosting platform for EDD to launch a ready-to-go eCommerce WordPress website in minutes and grow your online business even further!

Selling Digital Products Online Is a Growing Trend

Digital products are booming nowadays because of their numerous benefits. They provide high profits, as their production costs are low. Unlike physical items, there’s no limit to the inventory and no delivery costs. Digital buyers get what they need easily and immediately – in just a few clicks. Let’s take eBooks as an example. They are the top-trending digital item, and their industry is projected to reach $13.62 billion revenue in 2022. Other digital products in high demand include audio books, podcasts, videos, music, photography, software, web designs, and many more.

All You Need to Easily Start, Manage, and Grow an Online Store

If you want to join this growing trend and start selling digital products on WordPress, we’ve got you covered. Our new Managed EDD eCommerce hosting solution dramatically simplifies the process for setting up a WordPress eCommerce site by combining the premium hosting services of SiteGround and the eCommerce functionality of Easy Digital Downloads. You get WordPress pre-installed with the Vendd theme – a full-featured marketplace theme for EDD that gives you many options and features, together with the EDD plugin – the complete eCommerce solution for selling digital products on WordPress. On top of that, we add our powerful WordPress speed and security boosters – our top-rated SiteGround Optimizer and SiteGround Security plugins.

All you need to do to get all that is visit our Managed EDD Hosting page and choose the best hosting plan option for your online business. With no technical skills required, you’ll have your eCommerce site ready and fully equipped with premium features in a few clicks:

  • Sell online any digital products, such as eBooks, photos, videos, PDFs, plugins, software licenses, and more.
  • Build an amazing online store in minutes – with SiteGround WordPress Starter wizard pre-installed.
  • Have payment flexibility and accept credit card payments using Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Besides, you get flexibility on recurring payments and additional payment gateways.
  • Manage customers easily by keeping a record for each customer and tracking customer lifetime values. What is more, the managed hosting platform includes a built-in Customer Area so you can easily access the purchased digital goods and keep track of purchases.
  • Create and manage promotional campaigns by choosing the type of discount, specifying the products, setting an automated time period (start and end dates), and more.
  • Get full data reporting with the built-in reporting feature for stats viewing and custom reports creation. You can filter, track and export data about specific products, earnings, downloads, sales and more.
  • Enjoy tried-and-true website speed and security solutions – our top-rated  SiteGround Optimizer and SiteGround Security guarantee the best performance and security for your eCommerce website.
  • Enhance your store functionality with tons of extensions, such as a simple plugin installation or marketing integrations to improve your store and your visitors’ user experience and respond to your needs and budget growth.
  • Get top-rated, 24/7 live support for your eCommerce site.

Why Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)?

We’re already offering plenty of ecommerce features, like a free SSL, free CDN, business email, premium support, and more, but we were looking to simplify the online store management experience even further. We only partner with services that complement our own with the highest standard of quality and best in their class, and we’re committed to long-term partnerships with trusted providers we’ve been working with and using throughout the years.

Easy Digital Downloads is the most popular and useful WordPress-based eCommerce platform for selling digital products for WordPress online and is already used by more than 50,000 website owners. It was recently acquired by Awesome Motive, the leading software and media company helping shape the web for billions worldwide. Collectively, their software powers over 20 million websites and includes many of the well-known website tools such as OptinMonster, WPForms, MonsterInsights, All in One SEO, etc., and now also Easy Digital Downloads.

Syed Balkhi, CEO of Easy Digital Downloads, who’s also contributed to our expert round-up How to start your online business on a budget, commented, “EDD’s partnership with SiteGround offers small businesses around the world an easy way to start their eCommerce website and have peace of mind when it comes to on-site payments, security, and performance. Because EDD is open-source, it also helps small business owners retain full control and freedom over their online business vs. getting locked into a proprietary SaaS eCommerce platform”.

To start selling digital products easily on WordPress, go to Managed EDD Hosting, purchase the hosting plan that best suits your business needs, and get your eCommerce website ready-to-go in no time.

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Luca Rodino

Partners & Affiliates Program Manager

Luca is handling key partnerships and affiliate relationships at SiteGround while being heavily involved in the development of our Italian market. He has worked in the web industry for over 10 years as a digital transformation consultant and a company manager, developing relationships with brands and people worldwide. Nature, travel, and coffee lover. Whenever he has the chance, Luca ventures into exotic places, preferably in the middle of nowhere… even though it's challenging to find a good Espresso there.

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Oct 04, 2022

Hi Does this works for membership websites too?

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Gergana Zhecheva Siteground Team

Oct 04, 2022

Hello Tina, yes, you can set up membership based websites using Easy Digital Hosting as well. Our Sales experts would be glad to address all of your questions.


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