PostgreSQL 8.3 now available to SiteGround users

SiteGround continues working hard on providing the latest hosting technology to its clients despite the summer vacations and the exhausting high temperatures. We are pleased to announce that few days ago we have managed to upgrade the PostgreSQL database on most of our servers to the latest PostgreSQL 8.3 version. Now our clients can take advantage of:

  • wide range of new features, such as table partitioning, point-in-time recovery, warm standby, and more;
  • efficient management of greater amount of data with less resource consumption;
  • speed improvements in data processing and query planning.

"We are sure our clients will be very happy with the PostgreSQL 8.3 as it really takes the open source relational database systems to the next level", says Marian Marinov, System Architect at This database improvement is part of SiteGround's strategy to offer more value to the customer at the same low price.

Over the last few months has been improving its servers, website content, HelpDesk, etc. in order to create the perfect hosting solution for its customers. SiteGround offers a wide range of hosting solutions, such as website hosting, blog and CMS hosting, online shop hosting, free website tutorials, free templates, and much more.

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