Paris Data center and CDN point

New Data Center and CDN Point in Paris, France

We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding our data center and CDN network with a new location in Paris, France. Our new data center and CDN point will further increase the loading speed for French visitors of our clients’ websites that receive traffic from France.

New data center in Paris, France

Our new data center in Paris, France, is part of our data center infrastructure, powered by the premium Google Cloud platform. It ensures high redundancy and availability, fast connectivity, multi-layered security, and green-friendly service. We believe that our new data center will improve the experience of our customers even further. Here’s how:

What are the benefits of our new data center

The main benefit of our new data center in Paris is that it will improve the website loading speed of websites whose main traffic is from France. Having your website(s) hosted on a server closer to your main website audience shortens the distance between your website and its visitors, and thus speeds up its loading times.

This has a positive impact not only on your website speed, but on your visitors’ user experience as well. People are more likely to stay on your website, if it loads faster, and they tend to visit it again, if they had a good user experience. This in turn will lead to higher conversion rates as well.

How to move your website(s) to our new data center

If you would like to move any of your existing sites to our new data center in Paris, you could order their relocation in your Client Area > Marketplace > Hosting Services > Relocation. You can relocate each of your sites, hosted on a shared web hosting service, or your entire Cloud hosting account, if you are using Cloud hosting service.

From now on, all new sites created on StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans by our French customers will be hosted by default in the new Paris data center for your convenience. Paris will be your default location for newly ordered Cloud hosting plans as well.

CDN Location in Paris, France

Our in-house built SiteGround CDN service provides multiple geographical locations around the world in order to optimize our clients’ websites loading speed. We’re now launching yet another location – a CDN point in Paris, which will significantly increase the loading speed of websites with traffic from France, both there and all over the world.

If you still haven’t activated our CDN service for your website(s), go ahead and enable it completely free of charge from your Site Tools > Speed > CDN.

With the launch of our new data center and CDN location in Paris, we hope that our customers will enjoy an even better hosting experience.

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