Google PageSpeed now in the SuperCacher!

Google Page Speed

As you already know, we @SiteGround HQ are obsessed with server performance and website loading speed. That is why we initially created the SuperCacher. It has already speeded up many of our customers’ websites and has been extremely well received by our users. Now, just a few months after the initial launch, we are happy to announce а new great caching option added to our SuperCacher -- the Google's PageSpeed Apache module.

What is mod_pagespeed?

To put it in layman’s terms mod_pagespeed speeds up your site and reduces page load time automatically, with no additional knowledge required on the users’ side. It also optimizes your website for mobile view and for better browser rendering.

To read more visit Google’s mod_pagespeed website.

How our SuperCacher makes using mod_pagespeed easier than ever?

PageSpeed Interface

  • It provides a management interface integrated with cPanel

    SiteGround tech team is proud to announce that our SuperCacher plugin is the first and only that fully integrates Google's mod_pagespeed with cPanel. This integration allows easy management of the PageSpeed options as part of our user-friendly SuperCacher interface located in the cPanel of each shared hosting account.

  • We allow activation on a per domain basis

    With SiteGround's SuperCacher you can enable PageSpeed for any of your domain names, be it primary, addon, parked or sub-domains - as easy as a single mouse click

  • We have improved the mod_pagespeed cache flushing

    Normally, with mod_pagespeed the cache can only be flushed on a per server basis, which by shared web hosting definition means, if user A truncates his cache, users B, C and D, hosted on the same server would also get their cache deleted. One of the key benefits of the SuperCacher plugin is the ability to flush PageSpeed's cache on a per domain basis or for your entire account, without affecting others on the same server. This feature is extremely useful for developers or website administrators developing a website.

  • We allow advanced PageSpeed filter editing from the interface too

    By default, the PageSpeed module is enabled with a set of default filters, designed to safely optimize the content of your website, without affecting its look or behavior. This is what most web hosts offer in their implementation of PageSpeed, but SiteGround's SuperCacher plugin has the unique ability to allow you to customize your PageSpeed setup for each website. You can enable different filters using the “Advanced filter edit” button. We recommend using Google's PageSpeed Insights browser addon, to determine how PageSpeed can further boost your website and apply the necessary filters using the Advanced Editor.

To learn more how to use Google PageSpeed with your SiteGround account you can refer to our tutorial.

The SiteGround Mastermind

For the last few years Tenko Nikolov has been one of the masterminds behind the success of SiteGround. He has come up with multiple successful strategies for overcoming technical problems and has achieved real business results for SiteGround. His vision and skills have made SiteGround a leading host in terms of technology and platform reliability.


  1. Reply April 20, 2013 / 04:23 Samra jaySiteGround Team

    What is the difference between a regular pagespeed and a modpage speed?

  2. Reply February 27, 2018 / 08:11 AlexSiteGround Team

    What do you recommend using, your caching options or the Google Pagespeed Cache?

    • Reply February 28, 2018 / 01:23 Hristo PandjarovSiteGround Team

      Caching options for sure!

      • March 8, 2018 / 11:31 JOELSiteGround Team

        Hi I don't think you answered Alex's question. Which one is better; the Static and Dynamic cache options provided by SiteGround or Google Page Speed?

      • March 9, 2018 / 03:02 Hristo PandjarovSiteGround Team

        Static and Dynamic caching working together is the best option 🙂


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