New dual-core servers for faster and more secure websites

The most innovative dual-core servers are now here for our customers! SiteGround is proud to announce that it started to use the latest dual core processor server technologies available on the market. The websites hosted with SiteGround now enjoy the highest level of security, uptime and speed!
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SiteGround has greeted its customers for the upcoming holidays

SiteGround has greeted its customers for the upcoming holidays by giving away more than $3,500,000 in Christmas Gifts certificates. Each SiteGround user will receive $100 in the form of 5 gift certificates and will be able to make original Christmas presents by helping 5 people have a new online presence.
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Free WordPress Themes at SiteGround

SiteGround has released Free WordPress Themes that are now publicly available for download on SiteGround website. WordPress is the third open source application, for which SiteGround provides similar service. Now WordPress users, together with Joomla and Mambo fans, can take advantage of a wild range of useful resources on SiteGround website.
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SiteGround Releases a SEO Pack

SiteGround has launched one more free addition to its hosting service - the Website Promotion pack. The aim of the pack is to provide useful resources and tools for search engine optimization and website promotion to SiteGround visitors and customers.

The Website Promotion pack contains useful tips about how to submit a website to search engines; how to use effectively the most popular paid search engine programs; how to optimize a website content and meta tags, where to promote a website apart from search engines, etc. The special bonus that each SiteGround customer gets for free as a part of the new service is the webpage meta tag optimization tool.

“With the Website Promotion pack we have tried to share our own successful experience gathered during the last years work on SiteGround website promotion. We believe that if we share our knowledge with our customers this will help us grow together” says Kate Michaels, SEO Expert at, who has been actively involved in the new pack creation.