The Mysterious Job of a Kernel Developer: An Interview with a SiteGrounder

There’s a lot of work involved in crafting a great hosting product. Part of our efforts to guarantee that our clients' websites perform better in all circumstances, is our unique hosting infrastructure built entirely on Linux containers. The specifics of this custom setup require a special kind of talent and skill set to maintain it - that of a Linux Kernel developer. Since there aren’t that many people programming on such level, their job description sounds almost mysterious. That’s why we’re very happy to have such rare talent on our team at SiteGround. We thought it would be interesting to tell you more about their work and how it helps your sites work better and safer- from our StartUp solutions to the Enterprise level. Meet Angel Shtilianov, our high-level specialist, responsible for Linux kernel development on our servers.

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Our Top Customer Care Rep in October

Our Top Customer Care Rep in October 2017
Yoana is a proof that artistic talent and technical skills can go perfectly together. When she is not helping customers with their websites, she moves to the world of magic. Writing short fantasy stories is her passion, inspired by all the fantasy books, shows and magic places she’s encountered. If there is anything she can’t express in words, she tells it in the language of dance. Find out more about Yoana in her interview!

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Communities, WordPress, and now SiteGround too – that is what I do and love!

Photo by Roberto Cortese

This September I joined the SiteGround team. This was a move from freelancing to working for a big company. I was a little anxious about such a serious change. However, it actually felt like quite a natural development. Now, as part of the SiteGround team, I will spend even more time doing what I truly love - being actively involved with the WordPress community. For the past few years I have organized regular WordPress meetups and a WordCamp in my hometown - Torino, Italy. I have also participated in the organization of WordCamp Europe. Now I will continue to be part of these and even more WordPress events. I will keep sharing my experience and volunteering with my time for the WordPress community. What is new is that I will also be part of one of the most amazing teams I have previously only met at WordCamps -- the people of SiteGround. Read below to see how I've ended up here and what is coming.

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Our Top Technical Support Rep in September

Maria can solve your website conundrums with the same ease that she can cook one of her cherry-picked recipes. It’s all a piece of cake. She likes a good dose of thriller and crime in her life, which she thankfully finds only in her favorite books and shows. Find out more about her!

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PHP 7.2 RC Available on All SiteGround Servers

We are quite excited to see PHP 7.2 coming. It is expected to bring some considerable speed, security and efficiency improvement. As always, you can count on SiteGround to provide you with the hottest technologies as they come. The latest release candidate of PHP 7.2 has just been made available on our servers. To learn how to test it safely read below.

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My First Work (& Kite Boarding) Week as CMO of SiteGround

Last week was my first as CMO of SiteGround. Joining a new company, I had to learn a lot: its history, goals and challenges; business processes and everyday hacks. I wanted to become a real part of the organization and start contributing to its success as soon as possible. That said, I was expecting to spend my first week in meeting rooms and office tours. Oddly enough, I got to spend it on a Greek island instead, where my team-to-be was working remotely and learning to kiteboard. Ultimately, we all got back with a lot more than new surf skills and a suntan. Here is what my first week taught me about the company, and about working and managing a diverse team in a new field.
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Our Top Technical Support Rep in August

Pavel is one of our best technical support representatives. He takes great interest in new technologies and is a voracious reader. Apart from his technical expertise, he is also a history buff and can spend hours immersed in events from the Napoleonic Wars to World War II. Learn more about his passions from his interview!

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Elementor for SiteGround Users

WordPress is a huge part of the web nowadays and thousands of SiteGround customers use it for their projects of different scale. There are many different Page Builders out there that add on top of the default WordPress functionality and make it easier to structure the content on your site. Today, we want to introduce to you Elementor - an intuitive drag-and-drop site builder with powerful features, whose use results not only in nice layouts but in a clean and optimized website code too. As a part of a recent partnership with them, all SiteGround customers get an exclusive discount for the Elementor Pro license!

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