Meet our people

I’ve been thinking that presenting our team is a good topic for our second blog post. It is quite impossible to introduce to our readers the whole SiteGround team within a single post (currently we are more than 70 people), so I will start today with a short presentation of the people who are in charge of that part of the critical aspects of our service such as uptime, server stability, technical support, etc.

Tenko – SiteGround Mastermind

tenkoTenko is the person who always knows everything! He has been with the company since 2004, almost since its beginning. Tenko started his work here as a support team rep and shortly his management skills, profound knowledge and expertise in technical operations proved that he deserves to take a leading post in the company. Apart from being an excellent leader and expert in the technical field, Tenko is one of the passionate photographers in our team.

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Secure Email via IMAPs, SMTPs, and POP3s now Supported by SiteGround

SiteGround web hosting company has recently announced launch of secured IMAP, POP3 and SMTP services. As part of its main goal to ensure the most secure and reliable web hosting environment, the company has dedicated time and resources into upgrading its email service by implementing an encrypted connection (via SSL) for sending (SMTPs), receiving (POP3s) and reading emails (IMAPs).
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hello everyone! First and foremost, welcome to the SiteGround Blog!

For many years we fought against the idea of having our own blog as we doubted its value for the community. But hey, since we have one now, then there is a pretty good idea behind it! Our blog will be about life behind the scenes - there are so many interesting things about our hosting business that we haven't had the opportunity to tell our customers and friends!

The blog is still very new but we hope that it will open the floor for sharing ideas and opinions. We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments. Be sure to subscribe to the feed or bookmark the page to make sure you will be up to date with the new stuff here.

Enjoy reading!


SiteGround redesigns its control panel for better user experience

SiteGround web hosting company recently announced that it is working on a new, customized theme for the control panel of its hosting accounts - cPanel. Driven by the challenge to provide better hosting experience to their customers and make the use of the account management tools even easier and more pleasant, the SiteGround team has dedicated its time and effort in redesigning the control panel "cPanel" default theme and including brand new tools for better account management.
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SiteGround on Facebook & Twitter

SiteGround Web Hosting recently launched a fan page on global social networking site Facebook and opened an account on micro blogging platform Twitter. Facebook and Twitter offer an unparalleled opportunity for the company to connect with its fans and customers as effectively as a face-to-face meeting and spread the word about its online community.
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Holiday Promotion at

SiteGround Web Hosting announced the start of a Holiday promotion that gives unmatched discounts to all its existing customers and their close ones. The promotion provides all SiteGround clients the opportunity to buy unlimited number of hosting accounts with a $20 discount. Not only that, but the company grants each customer $100 in the form of gift certificates that they can allocate to 5 people they like.
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