Meet Our Top Phone Support Rep for July

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our top phone support representative for this month – Petar! He joined SiteGround almost ten years ago and is one of the most experienced members of our Phone Support team. Even though he had no idea what web hosting was when he first started, today Petar is a senior web hosting expert. He’s answered over 50,700 calls and helped thousands of clients! Learn more about him and some of his best tips below.

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The Future is Now: Our New Client Area and Site Tools Are Going Live

Nearly three years ago, we made the decision to develop new interfaces to improve the way our clients build and manage their websites and hosting on SiteGround. Now, we’re ready to share the results of all the hard work and show you the new features and designs our team has built.

This process has been highly rewarding, but not without its challenges. We hired 20+ new people, including React developers, QAs, and others, and restructured several core teams in the company to meet the needs of this project. Now that we’re near the end, we feel proud of our work, relieved that it came together, and excited to announce it to the world!

As of today, hosting clients who sign up for our service will be using the new interfaces. This excludes, for the time being, Cloud and Dedicated Server accounts, special partnership orders, and our Italian and Spanish-speaking clients. Current customers who are using cPanel and the old User Area will be gradually switched to the new interfaces starting in September.

Read on to find out more about the most exciting improvements we are introducing and how they can help you manage your sites more easily.

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The art of networking: Tips for meaningful interactions offline

If you were to ask an IT expert about networking, they might ask what's your IP address? Jokes aside, working in tech often means interacting with people behind a computer screen, which makes in-real-life meetings that much more special. As the WordPress Community Manager at SiteGround, it's my job to attend events around that world and to take some of that online connectivity and apply it to offline community building.

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How WP-CLI Can Make Your Life Easier (Video)

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Alain Schlesser, the lead developer of the WP-CLI project, the command line interface for WordPress. Nearly 1300 people attended and we had a blast fielding questions and seeing our clients engage with us live. Even if you have missed the live stream, it is not too late to learn how to do some of the most popular things with WP-CLI, like automating backups, troubleshooting website errors, performing a search & replace in your database, cleaning up spam comments, resetting your passwords, and more. All you have to do is watch the webinar video below.

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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for June

Valentina is one of the newest members of our Customer Care Team. She joined SiteGround just five months ago, but she already proved herself a quick learner. It's pretty much clear Valentina rocks at her new position, as she managed to achieve the amazing 99.7% Happy Clients Rating and almost 600 excellent rated chats this month! Learn more about her in the interview!

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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for May

Becoming fluent in 10 languages is one of Maria’s goals by 2030. We have no doubt she’ll manage to achieve it as she has proven to be committed and extremely hardworking. That’s what has helped her become our Top Customer Care Representative for May with 99.5% Client Satisfaction Rate. Find out more about Maria in her interview!

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Powering good, one website at a time

Our customers use SiteGround to host a wide variety of projects, but some of our favorites are non-profit websites that use the internet to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re proud to support events like do_actions, annual hackathons held in cities around the world where participants from the WordPress community come together to build websites for local organiзations. On May 25, it’s Caceres’ turn to hold their do_action and we’re pleased to attend and sponsor.

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Meet Our Top Tech Support for April

Working in the IT industry was a dream for our colleague Dimo for some time before joining SiteGround. Even though he didn’t have high hopes for this, he is now a valued member of the SiteGround Tech Support team that is responsible for solving the most complicated hosting issues. This month, Dimo achieved 100% Client Satisfaction Rate, thanks to his supportive attitude and attention to detail.

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