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Our USA Data Center and CDN Network Just Got Bigger

We are happy to announce that we have increased the number of our data centers and CDN locations in the USA. Our clients may now choose among four US-based data centers to have their sites hosted as close as possible to their visitors. What is more, we already have six US-based CDN edge points, which help improve the website speed in the region as a whole for all our CDN users.

4 Data Centers in the USA

With the introduction of three new data centers, we now have four locations in the USA, all part of the modern Google Cloud infrastructure that ensures high redundancy, fast connectivity, and multi-layered security:

  1. USA North in Council Bluffs, Iowa — best for websites that have visitors predominantly from the northern US and/or Canada
  2. NEW: USA South in Dallas, Texas — best for websites that have visitors predominantly from the southern US and/or Central and South American countries
  3. NEW: USA East in Ashburn, Virginia  — best for websites that have visitors predominantly from the Eastern US states 
  4. NEW: USA West in Los Angeles, California — best for website that have visitors predominantly from the Western US states

When choosing which of our data center locations is best for you, you should take into consideration where the majority of your website traffic is coming from. In case you have a strictly local audience, it is best to have your hosting account placed in the data center closest to your audience. 

You can check where an existing hosting account is currently placed and order a relocation if you think there is a better option for you through Client  Area > Marketplace > Hosting services > Hosting relocation.

6 CDN edge points in the USA

We are also aware that many of our clients receive traffic not just from one state, but from many and it’s hard to choose one, most convenient hosting server location. For such cases, any US-based data center is a good choice for being the original home of your site. However,  the best site loading results will be achieved by using our CDN. The CDN makes sure that a copy of your website is accessible from a location closer to your visitors from all over the USA, and even from all over the world. 

We now have the following CDN locations in the USA: Council Bluffs (Iowa, USA), Moncks Corner (South Carolina, USA), The Dalles (Oregon, USA), Los Angeles (California, USA), Ashburn (Virginia, USA), Dallas (Texas, USA). 

We encourage all our customers receiving traffic from different geographic locations to activate the CDN service. This can be done completely free of charge through your Site Tools > Speed > CDN.

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Daniel Kanchev

Director Product Development

Daniel is responsible for bringing new products to life at SiteGround. This involves handling all types of tasks and communication across multiple teams. Enthusiastic about technology, user experience, security and performance, you can never be bored hanging around him. Also an occasional conference speaker and travel addict.

Comments ( 6 )

author avatar


Nov 01, 2022

Toronto DC location in the near future?

author avatar

Gergana Zhecheva Siteground Team

Nov 02, 2022

Thank you for your interest! We are looking into expanding our CDN network, and all new data centers and edge locations will be announced publicly on our blog.

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Nov 12, 2022

The only data center available when I signed up was US north, and now I have to pay if I want to move :(

author avatar

Mila Kanazirska Siteground Team

Nov 16, 2022

Our goal has always been to offer new services and features that our clients can use. Indeed, we just introduced three new data center locations in the USA. Although the relocation is a paid migration service, you can consider enabling our free CDN, which was also recently implemented, and take advantage of its benefits.

author avatar


Nov 30, 2022

Like others, there was only one option for a data center when I signed up for service. I’m very disappointed that we would be forced to pay to relocate to a data center that better fits our location. It’s a very poor look for a company to advertise their infrastructure improvements and then force everyone to pay to use them. I have several sites across multiple hosting plans and I will definitely remember this ridiculous money grab come renewal.

author avatar

Ivan Naidenov Siteground Team

Dec 05, 2022

We're committed to delivering continuous improvement to our service. Adding the new data centers in the U.S. is part of that. Another important feature we recently made available to our clients is our very own CDN service. By enabling the free CDN option from Site Tool, your sites will load from a total of six US-based edge points, ensuring excellent speed.


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