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Email communication is one of the foundations of effective online marketing and a key to growing your business. But in order to start an email communication, you need to get those visitors’ emails first. One of the best ways to do this is to convert visitors into subscribers while they’re still on your website, using opt-in forms. And some of the most effective opt-in forms are the dynamic ones that grab your visitors’ attention instantly – the exit pop-ups or floating subscription bars for example. But how do you create and implement a beautiful and effective opt-in popup form without having a team of designers, marketers and developers? A good option used by many of our customers is OptinMonster – a tool for a hassle-free lead generation. And through a recent SiteGround partnership with OptinMonster our users can now get a 30-day free trial and some special discounts.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a lead generation software (also available as a WordPress plugin) that aims to convert your website visitors and readers to email subscribers. It allows you to easily create and implement email sign-up forms to your website. The software integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla (and more) and connects with the most popular email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, Aweber, ConstantContact and Campaign Monitor. It’s intuitive and easy to work with and comes with a bunch of useful tools that can help you increase your email subscribers list. We’ve listed some of our favourite OptinMonster features below:

Cool ready-made templates

OptinMonster comes with a variety of stylish templates you can choose from and customise. There’s a design that will fit almost any website you can think of. If you’re not completely happy with the results, you can still modify the template to your taste with a convenient WYSIWYG editor. There’s the MonsterEffects™ as well, which allows you to add dozens of animated effects to your pop-ups to make them even more appealing and catchier. The best thing is that no design or development skills are required.

Exit-intent pop-ups

With the Exit-intent technology OptinMonster finds out when a user is about to leave your website by following their mouse movements and predicting their behaviour. Just before they leave a pop-up with an opt-in form appears getting the user’s attention back to your site and inviting them to subscribe. Exit-intent is proven to be one of the most effective ways to convert abandoning visitors to active subscribers. It’s also super complicated to develop and implement without years of experience or team of developers to do it for you. With OptinMonster you can create one and attach it to your website in a just a few clicks and not a single line of code.

Built-in A/B testing

One of the best features of OptinMonster is the A/B testing. A/B testing was previously used only by larger companies with the budget to develop and integrate complicated solutions and the marketing resource to analyze and use the output data. With OptinMonster you can set up A/B testing experiments all by yourself in an intuitive and easy-to-use environment. You can try different form designs, headlines and layouts within a single campaign and show these different forms at random. Compare the conversion rate and behaviour of your experiments through the built-in analytics and you get a solid performance data you can base your future strategy on.

If you’re looking for an easy to use tool to increase your website’s conversion and expand your opt-in lists with well-targeted, reliable subscribers, OptinMonster is the best tool for the job. And through our partnership, all SiteGround users can get a free 30 day trial of OptinMonster and get a special price of $199.00 per year for the Pro plan (regular $348.00 per year). Start your free OptinMonster trial!

Monika Dimitrova

Project Manager

Monika is passionate about user experience and design that’s beautiful and functional. Addicted to video games and British shows. Loves to troubleshoot, analyse and organise stuff.


Comments ( 10 )


Mar 18, 2017

Thanks for the info, but not for me. Pop-Up's are very annoying for User Experience and also OptinMonster will fail Google's Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty they released in Jan 2017.


Monika Dimitrova Siteground Team

Mar 20, 2017

That's a valid concern, Bobby and OptinMonster have addressed the issue already - http://optinmonster.com/the-new-google-mobile-friendly-rules-for-popups/ You can still turn it off on specific devices, if you want to be extra careful.


Katherin eK

Mar 24, 2017

I'm a SiteGround customer, and personally I'm grateful to the SG team for making this possible. We've been looking for a good, reliable, and functional popup service. Thanks!



Mar 26, 2017

What is the special discount... after the trial?


Monika Dimitrova Siteground Team

Mar 27, 2017

It's 57% off for the Pro plan - you get it for $199.00 per year instead of the regular $348.00.


Lisa DeSherlia

Mar 27, 2017

I would like to get it, but that is still too high for me. :(



Mar 22, 2020

This doesn't seem to be available anymore? If that's the case please take it down.


Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Mar 23, 2020

Link is fixed, thanks for the feedback!



Jun 28, 2020

Do site ground do a lead generation call automation system as well, to call leads?


Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Jun 29, 2020

I am afraid we don't provide such services.


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