We are happy to announce the launch of our first server location outside the USA. We would soon be welcoming our first accounts in Europe and this is the beginning of a bigger geographical expansion that will address the needs of our customers outside the USA.

We aim to address better the needs of the thousands of international customers we host.

Although till now we have operated only servers based in the USA, our hosting services have always been used by many people outside the States. Part of these people choose our service because they operate websites that target mainly US customers, so having such a site hosted on a US server made perfect sense, as it would be faster and easily available for its visitors.

Another group of non-US customers however, chooses us because the US located shared hosting industry as a whole provides some advantages (like more generous resources and lower prices) over many local providers. As this particular group of users is constantly growing, we decided to pay a closer attention to their needs. We have seen that sometimes they have to put up with lower loading website speeds due to the remote server location. So we asked ourselves: “Can we have the same quality, resources and price geographically closer to our customers, so that they can enjoy the same loading speed, we are so proud of, as our US customers?” We made some serious investigation and we found out that this is actually possible. So we now start to expand our geographical presence.

We now have servers in Europe too!

The majority of our non-us customers are located in Europe. So our first goal was to provide them with a hosting service physically located on their side of the Atlantic. Soon we found out the best spot to guarantee top loading speed and reasonable prices for all the Europeans and it was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We chose this city as a starting point for our expansion for several reasons. First, it is located close to the geographical center of the continent, so it provides good proximity for all the European countries. Second, what is even more important, is that Amsterdam is one of the biggest internet hubs in Europe providing exceptional connectivity from each country in Europe and the rest of the world too. So here we are!

Our new European server launch schedule

  1. Starting from today, all our customers from the Netherlands will be able to choose if their new shared hosting account will be hosted in our US data center or in our new Europe data center in Amsterdam.
  2. Next week, starting from 17th April not only the Dutch users will be able to choose hosting account in Europe. On this date the offer will become available for all, and anyone interested will be able to choose European server on the SiteGround order page or to relocate an existing account from a US server to our new server in Amsterdam.
  3. We have also become a sponsor of Joomla!Days in the Netherlands that will be held on 20-22nd of April and our Tenko Nikolov will meet in person all the Dutch Joomla fans, to announce that they can now enjoy our Joomla hosting expertise on a local ground (more information about the conference to be announced in the blog next week).

And this is just the start, more locations are planned to be added to our offer, so stay tuned!

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager