So it’s live! After a few weeks of testing it, we can now shout it out loud: we launched our new User Area. A six-month project that involved the deletion of thousands of lines of old code, a totally new file structure on the backend, and lots of work on a fancier front-end. To check out the new look of each section with explanations just click on the image below:

The main concept behind the redesign was to create a working space for our customers, which is simple, easy-to-use, and personal. It reflects our belief that high quality of service should show even in the smallest interface details of the tools we give you. So here are some highlights of what you will find in your new User area:

  • Adding profiles for customers and SiteGround staff
  • Reorganization of My Accounts section for easier management
  • Helpdesk improvements for faster access to support
  • New options to make money from SiteGround
  • Customizable resources section

To see for yourself, just use our brand new login page!

And…don’t forget to tell us what you think! We will continue fine-tuning and adding useful elements to the User area, but we would love to do it based on your feedback. Looking forward to seeing lots of comments under this post, which could help us in the next phase of additions we plan.