New technology achievements and innovations

SiteGround web hosting is proud to announce the latest achievements and innovations implemented on its production servers configuration. The SiteGround clients can now benefit from:

:: The latest stable PHP branch 5.2;
:: The most secure while still perfectly functional setup with register_globals OFF and allow_url_include OFF;
:: Unmet PHP limits suitable for any PHP script - 45 execution time and 96 MB memory limit.

Latest PHP branch 5.2 plus PHP 5.0 and 5.1

All SiteGround servers are now using the latest stable PHP 5.2 version. In addition to that, the SiteGround customers can use PHP 5.0 and PHP 5.1 on the same hosting account by a simple .htaccess modification. This innovation is available with no other host and will make it easier for the customers to manage their website applications requiring different PHP versions on the same account.

Improved security to prevent from hackers' attacks

The SiteGround experts dedicate a lot of time in improving the security of the customers' websites by minimizing the number of all known vulnerabilities. Recently, SiteGround has introduced improvements on several PHP directives, through which a website could have been compromised . "Having register_globals and allow_url_include set to OFF keeps our clients' websites one step ahead of the hackers' attacks!" says the security expert Anatoliy Dimitrov, Head of Senior technical support at SiteGround.

Unmet PHP limits

Further improvements, which SiteGround would like to announce, are the latest modifications at the PHP limits. Thanks to the skilled system administrators, SiteGround customers can now take advantage of PHP limits much higher than the industry standards:

:: Memory limit: 96 MB
:: max_execution_time: 45 sec
:: upload_max_filesize: 24 MB
:: post_max_size: 32 MB

In comparison, some of the biggest hosts, e.g. BlueHost, LunarPages, HostGator, IXwebhosting, Globat provide PHP limits where the average values are as follows:

:: Memory limit: 30-32 MB
:: max_execution_time: 30 sec
:: upload_max_filesize: 2-10 MB
:: post_max_size: 8-10 MB

This once again shows that SiteGround hosting services are far ahead from the average technology provided on the market.

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