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New Monthly Security Reports Now Available

Do you know how secure your site is and if its security level is changing over time? Have you ever wondered how many actual attacks toward your site are being mitigated? Do you want to know if you have missed doing something easy that may protect your site from incidents? 

Now with SiteGround’s Monthly Security Reports, you can get all that information and more – straight to your inbox. Just sign up and start receiving an actionable monthly report covering what SiteGround is doing to safeguard your site and highlighting security measures that you may have overlooked.

What’s in the Monthly Security Reports?

Each month we will perform automated security checks for your website covering malware protection, SSL certificates, software exploits, brute force attacks, and other security areas. Based on our checks, you’ll receive a digestible summary of the results – including a total site security score, breakdown score for each security check, and actionable tips if some area needs your attention. The monthly security reports will be your go-to place to get an overview of your website security status.

The benefits of the Monthly Security Reports 

Site security information in one place

Performing website security checks manually can be an investment of valuable time, effort and money that most website owners can’t commit. With the monthly security reports, SiteGround will handle the heavy lifting for you, performing all necessary security checks and delivering user-friendly reports straight into your inbox. So you get to know everything with no effort required on your side. 

Easy to understand format

With our user-friendly design, you can quickly scan the report and easily identify areas that need your attention, if any. All you have to do is follow our straightforward color codes:  green when everything is good; yellow: needs improvement; red: definitely needs attention. You also receive an overall score for the month and information how it has changed in comparison with the previous month.

Actionable advice when needed

If we have identified an area of your site security that may be improved, the report will include easy-to-follow instructions on what can be done. For example, if we detect that you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your site, it will provide you with a link to the information on how to set it up.

Confidence that your website is protected

By signing up for our monthly security reports, you may easily monitor what we do on a regular basis to keep your website safe. Each month you will see information like: how many software vulnerability attacks have been prevented; how many malicious IPs were stopped from reaching your site; how many backups you may count on, etc. Making sure your site is secure is an enormous part of our job as a host, and with the reports you can keep an eye on this process.

How to get the Monthly Security Reports? 

Starting from next year we will gradually begin to proactively send the reports to all our clients. However, you may hurry up and sign in yourself today and be among the first to receive their report in early January 2023.

To subscribe for your report now, just go to: Client Area -> Notification Preferences -> Monthly Security Reports.

The reports are sent out at the beginning of each month for sites that have been active for more than 30 days and have their domains pointed to SiteGround. You can see detailed information on subscription, content and score calculation in our Security Reports Explained article. 

Sign up today and sleep soundly, knowing that all relevant site security information is right at your fingertips.

Daniel Kanchev

Director Product Development

Daniel is responsible for bringing new products to life at SiteGround. This involves handling all types of tasks and communication across multiple teams. Enthusiastic about technology, user experience, security and performance, you can never be bored hanging around him. Also an occasional conference speaker and travel addict.

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