New Joomla Webinars Series!

New Joomla Webinars Series!

This week we kicked off yet another Joomla webinars series – this time we partnered with our friends from OSTraining to talk about Joomla management and Joomla security. Our first webinar from the series was yesterday. Steve Burge, OSTraining founder, shared a lot of useful tip and tricks on how to make your Joomla life easier. As promised, we’re sharing the video replay in case you missed the session.

Video Replay: 8 Ways to Manage Joomla Hassle-Free

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Video Replay: 8 Most Popular Joomla Hacks & How To Avoid Them

The Joomla webinars series continued with a presentation hosted by our Joomla Performance Guru, Daniel Kanchev. He revealed the 8 most common ways a Joomla website can get hacked and what you can do to protect yourself from each of those hacks. Watch the video below and get the session slides here.

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  1. Reply December 20, 2013 / 07:37 MelSiteGround Team

    Please I couldn't meet up with the webinar. So how can I download this video because i will like to watch it at my leisure. u can send d link to my email. thanks. and keep up the good work.

    • Reply December 21, 2013 / 00:09 VizerSiteGround Team

      You can download the video using the service.
      Go to the video's Vimeo page (just click on the link on the video player here). Once on Vimeo, copy the address in the address bar and paste it in form for video download.


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