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Say Hello to our new chat

Over the last 12 months, we have been working hard on new in-house developed chat software. The aim was to implement a series of improvements that would make the customer experience better and the work of our customer care departments even more efficient. Now I am very happy to announce that the new chat has been launched and we are already enjoying all the great improvements it introduced.

Pretty and Personal

Well, yes, we put quite an effort in the design in order to make the chat easier and more pleasing to our clients. We also made it very personal, so that you feel at first sight that you are chatting with a friend who cares. And in order to get to know our operators and learn more about them, we made their personal profiles more visible. With just a single click, you could check the profile of the operator you are chatting with, learn more about their interests and their work experience at SiteGround.


Of course we also made this fancy interface compatible with mobile devices, so our customers could come to chat with us using their mobile devices without the annoying scroll.

Faster Connection

We wanted a faster chat connection. Now you get connected twice as fast to an available operator compared to the old chat software. One of the reasons for this fast connection is the usage of Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) protocol, which makes the exchange of messages and presence information nearly instantaneous.

Integrated Tools to help the operator

Now, even the admin back end is more user-friendly, with lots of tools inbuilt in order to speed up the actions of the operator when diagnosing a problem for the client. The operator sees if the server of the client is down and the internal notices reporting the event and the reasons for it. The operator can perform client-side checks for site and email service and automatically forward that report to a higher-end technical support on behalf of the client.

More efficient chat distribution system

We have a new system for distributing chats among operators, considering their skill level and number of active chats at the moment. Thus we achieve more efficient resource allocation, better quality of chats and faster servicing of the client.

It seems our customers are already enjoying the changes made! In the last month since we started using the new software, we received double the number of excellent ratings compared to the previous month. We've also received some feedback emails from our customers, expressing how great our new chat is. Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback with us!

Snejina Gospodinova: Sneji acts as the string between customers and SiteGround’s production department, making sure that the lines of communication remain open. Implemented feedback loops allow her to capture feedback to improve customer care and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations.

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  • The new chat looks great! One minor feedback item:

    When the chat finishes, it goes to a screen that lets you rate the chat (five star scale) or to email a copy of the chat to yourself. If you rate the chat, the screen changes and you no longer have the chance to email the chat to yourself. It would be nice if there was a way to do both, like if I could click rate and it would send my rating but then stay on the same screen so I can click the button to email the chat to myself.

  • This is awesome, truly. I just switched everything over with GoDaddy and the support offered here is just uncanny and incomparable.

    I even just got a call from someone WELCOMING me to Sitegournd... say WAAAAAT? Good stuff SG!

  • Hi Dear
    I would like to transfer my web site hosting to you ,is it possible?
    and how can I pay you because I don't have any credit cards

    • Hey, please contact our Sales team via the live chat link on the top of our site. Muy colleagues will happily assist you further :)

  • I need to speak to someone about billing or renewal fees. I have the go big plan and it says it includes ssl certificate and yet I have been being charged for that all along. Also it says it is 7.95 a month and yet my renewal amount shows around 10.50 a month?

  • It would be nice if we could access your new live chat from inside the User's Area. I have to log out to get to it. Maybe that's necessary?

  • Hi Snejina,

    The chat interface is really cool, but I can't hear the notification sound even though I don't have any problem with my audio system on my desktop.

    For ticket, I really wish you guys include the replied message in the notification email. Currently, there is email notification saying that "Your ticket for xxx.com has been updated". But to read the message, we have to login and browse to the support tab.


    • Hey Hoseph,

      Thanks for the feedback. I will pass on your comments about the sound to the project manager of that system, hopefully they'll find what's wrong with the notification sound.

      As to your other question, we don't send the ticket content because it often contains sensible information like passwords, keys, etc. and we really don't wand to send that type of information over email.

  • Live Chat for Small Business, one user can take multiple chats at once to save internal resource, and Live Chat is useful for Improve Conversion, Improve Customer Service.

  • I was just on a chat with Ivan.Z and lost the chat box, tried to login again but it says I am still on a live chat so can't start a new chat. How the heck do i find the chat box i just lost?! or do I sign out and in again?

    • Alicia,
      We are sorry for the disrupted conversation. It will be best to sign out of your current conversation and open a new one. If Ivan Z. is available our reps will transfer the conversation to him as he will already be familiar with your case.