My SiteGround Initiative Terms

We will publish 6 posts in our blog series My SiteGround before 22nd of March.

Each participant can choose which blog post to tweet about. We will draw twelve tweets, two per each blog post, to be awardes with a t-shirt. To be eligible for the draw the tweet should include the hashtag #siteground10.

Each participant can also choose to comment on any of the  blog posts in the series. We we choose the two most original comments under each post and will send a backpack to their authors.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage you to learn more about the essence of SiteGround, share what you like about it and tell us about your own experience with the company. Please refreain from any spammy activity.

The winners will be announced  before the end of March 2014.

The delivery of the award items depends on the winners timely provision of correct mailing addresses. If no mailing address is provided in 2 weeks after the winners are announced or if we are unable to deliver the item to the provided address for any reason the prize might be lost.