Val is one of the most experienced people in our support team. Currently, you will seldom see him closing a ticket, as most of his time is dedicated to the training of our ever growing support team!

  1. Learning and Sharing


    The reason I love my work! Each day I'm learning something new, improving myself and getting better and better at what I do. This would not have been possible without the team, and I would like to thank them all for being so patient with me. And on top of that at SiteGround we have a great organizational culture of sharing the knowledge inside and outside the company. Various trainings and webinars are organized both for colleagues and customers. Resources like tutorials, knowledge base and plugins, which are based on our years of experience are realeased for free general public usage.

  2. The opening of 2nd SiteGround office in my hometown!


    At the beginning of my work career I needed to relocate and this was a tough decision, as I truly loved my hometown. Few years later I started working for SiteGround and it was a great place to be. But what made it really special was the fact that in 2006, the company decided to open a new office location. And guess where it was? – my own hometown!  Needless to say, I was among the first 'settlers'  there :)

  3. The company sponsored vacations


    Each year we organize summer and winter company sponsored vacations for the staff and their families. I will just say that I'm writing this sitting in a cozy hotel room, some 100m away from the ski slopes. Aside from the parties and the team building my colleagues have mentioned in the previous posts of the series, these vacations are another great opportunity to have fun with your colleagues and get to know them better outside the work environment.

  4. The ever growing team


    And again, as the other SiteGrounders have said, when it comes to doing real work it is the team that is most important. Back in time, when I started working at SiteGround we were just a few people. We are more than 100 now and I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to work with each one of them.