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At SiteGround Valentin is the man who follows all possible security bulletins on the net. He is involved in almost any of the server level fixes we apply when a vulnerability in an application like Joomla, WordPress, or any of the hundreds others used on our servers appear. And if you expect a man like that to have a heart of steel and care only about technology, you would be surprised. Do not miss the very personal and touching story about Valentin’s SiteGround!

  • Love makes the world go round!


    I started working @ SiteGround in 2006 in the newly opened customer care office. After a year and a half working in the technical support department I… well, fell in love with an undisclosed colleague of mine. The problem was that she worked in the headquarters, 100 miles away. I asked to be moved to the SiteGround main office and work from there. Well, you know, love made people do crazy things! The initial answer was: “This is not possible”. Giving Tenko the exact reason why I needed to move, he started stuttering on the phone saying: “Well that changes things entirely. Will call you back.” And in less than a month after that I moved to the SiteGround head office. People at SiteGround really do understand people.

  • Always dig deeper!


    After working as a technical support for 2 years, solving good amount of issues I learned how the system works. In depth. Then I moved to the Sysadmin team and dug even deeper. One year later I was transferred to the SiteGround operations team, where I still am in charge of security and of many other things. I am glad to have worked with all the people along the way and am sorry for all issues we caused during the years 🙂

    And I have an important security hint for all SiteGround customers: Do not ever disable mod_security protection for your web site entirely. If a rule is not compatible with your web site, disable that and that rule only.

  • Customer care – defined!


    During the years at SiteGround I learned what real customer service is. The quality of the support has been a central value for SiteGround since its foundation, it has been developed during the years and enforced on a daily basis by handling each client’s issue the “SiteGround way”. My personal problem with being accustomed to such a high standard is that I have started to expect the same level of service everywhere… and as you can imagine I seldom find that elsewhere 🙂

  • It is all about the people!


    SiteGround is a great place to work at and I really love my job there (except being called at 3AM for emergencies; but disasters happen and this is part of the job). I can learn and share, I can invent and develop, I can argue and fight if needed. There is a specific spirit and a mind-set around, because people do care. My SiteGround… well it is all about the people: the ones that trust us with their websites, the ones that work side by side with me, the ones that I learn from and the ones I love. Thank you all for being around!

    And another very important thing: besides being extremely dedicated and professional, SiteGround people are true party “animals/monsters” as well. I still can’t believe how much fun it is to be around the people working here. Don’t believe me? Well, catch them at a conference around the globe and test them yourself!

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Lilyana Yakimova

Product Owners Team Lead

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality.

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Vinh Trinh

Mar 15, 2014

I have been with Siteground for some time now and use hosting service for my projects. I will say that one of the top reasons I continue is the level of support I have always received from them. The supporters are very friendly, professionally and truthfully. Keep up the great work you are doing, guys. Stay strong, Siteground ! Vinh Trinh - Vladivostok - Russia

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Daniel Walshaw

Mar 18, 2014

I started moving my clients to Siteground about a year ago. Having been in the web industry since 1996 I have never come across a hosting with such a high level of customer service and dedication to keeping their clients sites live. I take a lot of pride in the work I do and love to deal with people who care as much about my clients as I do. With Siteground I know I have this. Eventually I would like to see all my clients hosted here, however until then, it is just a select few that get to experience the superior service that is Siteground.

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Mar 18, 2014

Hi Daniel, What plan do you use with SiteGround? Are all your clients under your account? Thank you Debbie

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Mar 20, 2014

Ive been with Siteground for must be over 5yrs, i host all my clients on a cloud based server, how awesome is it that i dont have to worry about security issues to my server as you guys work away in the background Unoticed keeping it all smooth sailing for me and my clients! Thanks Guys


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