At SiteGround Valentin is the man who follows all possible security bulletins on the net. He is involved in almost any of the server level fixes we apply when a vulnerability in an application like Joomla, WordPress, or any of the hundreds others used on our servers appear. And if you expect a man like that to have a heart of steel and care only about technology, you would be surprised. Do not miss the very personal and touching story about Valentin's SiteGround!

  • Love makes the world go round!


    I started working @ SiteGround in 2006 in the newly opened customer care office. After a year and a half working in the technical support department I... well, fell in love with an undisclosed colleague of mine. The problem was that she worked in the headquarters, 100 miles away. I asked to be moved to the SiteGround main office and work from there. Well, you know, love made people do crazy things! The initial answer was: "This is not possible". Giving Tenko the exact reason why I needed to move, he started stuttering on the phone saying: "Well that changes things entirely. Will call you back." And in less than a month after that I moved to the SiteGround head office. People at SiteGround really do understand people.

  • Always dig deeper!


    After working as a technical support for 2 years, solving good amount of issues I learned how the system works. In depth. Then I moved to the Sysadmin team and dug even deeper. One year later I was transferred to the SiteGround operations team, where I still am in charge of security and of many other things. I am glad to have worked with all the people along the way and am sorry for all issues we caused during the years :)

    And I have an important security hint for all SiteGround customers: Do not ever disable mod_security protection for your web site entirely. If a rule is not compatible with your web site, disable that and that rule only.

  • Customer care – defined!


    During the years at SiteGround I learned what real customer service is. The quality of the support has been a central value for SiteGround since its foundation, it has been developed during the years and enforced on a daily basis by handling each client's issue the "SiteGround way". My personal problem with being accustomed to such a high standard is that I have started to expect the same level of service everywhere… and as you can imagine I seldom find that elsewhere :)

  • It is all about the people!


    SiteGround is a great place to work at and I really love my job there (except being called at 3AM for emergencies; but disasters happen and this is part of the job). I can learn and share, I can invent and develop, I can argue and fight if needed. There is a specific spirit and a mind-set around, because people do care. My SiteGround… well it is all about the people: the ones that trust us with their websites, the ones that work side by side with me, the ones that I learn from and the ones I love. Thank you all for being around!

    And another very important thing: besides being extremely dedicated and professional, SiteGround people are true party "animals/monsters" as well. I still can't believe how much fun it is to be around the people working here. Don't believe me? Well, catch them at a conference around the globe and test them yourself!