Kristina, or simply Krisi as most of us call her, is one of the most experienced members of the SiteGround sales team. In 2007 she was among the first employees in our just-established second office. Right from the start, her great dedication to her work and her outstanding talent to communicate efficiently, even with the most demanding customers, stood out. Now she is the inspiring team leader of the people, who take care of all pre-sale enquiries on our live chat.

  1. First Steps in SiteGround


    I joined the team 7 years ago, so I guess that makes me a veteran. As a fresh graduate in Psychology, I didn't think that I would fit in here – I thought web-hosting was all about computers, servers and programs. Well, it turned out that being a part of the Sales team means not only to have knowledge of the service, but also the ability to actually communicate with the customers and know their needs. That’s the point when I truly appreciated my diploma – being able to understand the question behind the question is an art.

  2. The Team


    What makes the big difference, are the people.

    Everyone I’ve worked with so far, starting from the senior management to our newest recruits and trainees, is nothing short of unique and their willingness for both improvement and fun is second to none.

    I would like to thank them all for being so supportive and understanding- thank you guys, not for being just colleagues, but friends :)

  3. Conferences and Events


    One thing I'm always looking with enthusiasm to - all those events that we participate and/or sponsor. It is great to actually see the people, with whom you are working on their projects. Not only this, but you also a get chance to share experience and more importantly - to have a bit of fun while off-duty :)

  4. Charities


    You probably do not know, but all our teams, including the top-level managers, participate in various charities every year. Recently, we took part in the “Spare Change” campaign – everyone got rid of their nickels and dimes and all the money went to underprivilleged children. Last year our CEO offered scholarships to several children of enterprise from a local orphanage. Every single member of our staff participated in this program, so one could only be beaming with pride at the opportunity to work with people showing both such compassion and professionalism.