My SiteGround, by Milena


Here goes Milena: the person, who takes care of the SiteGround billing, finance, office administration and generally of all of us since the company exists!

Milena’s disclaimer: it’s never fair to have anyone talk/write after Lili and Mihail. I always enjoy listening to what they have to say, but then everyone expects the next person to be even funnier, which considering Lili’s insights and the dev fun is quite impossible.

  1. My First Billing Task


    My first significant memory of SiteGround dates back to its first anniversary. I had just graduated from college and even though I’d been with the team for more than a year, I was working on some side projects. At that point it was decided that we needed a dedicated person to take care of all things billing. Guess who? And my first task was to take over and optimize the sending of the renewal reminder, which Lily had been manually mailing for the previous few weeks.

  2. The New Office


    I was not really supposed to be greatly involved with the setup of our new office. Well, I did suggest the location, and most of the team were not so happy about that, but apart from approving the space for my department and giving the “I like” on design, I thought I would be spared the trouble. As it turned out I had to be more involved, but it was actually fun. Especially enjoyable was when the carpeting got fixed and I could walk barefooted around the empty office.

  3. The 3pm Sugar Frenzy


    At the office we have this tradition of celebrating important (or not) personal events with some treats for the whole team at 3pm. I really enjoy it when I get an email with the familiar subject “Cake!!! Kitchen 3pm“, birthdays, name days, new cars purchased, new apartments, babies born, or for simply no specific reason – you name it. It’s really fun sometimes, when several occasions overlap and we end up with enough cake in the fridge to last for a week. We constantly joke how we should stop the sugar frenzy and start on something healthier, but the next day someone asks – isn’t there any cake left.

  4. The Cartoons


    The cartoons were some of the best office Christmas gifts ever! I actually knew we were going to get cartoons and was even asked to think about something specific for the other managers that would suit a cartoon. Yet, I had no idea how gorgeous they would turn out to be. The guys really nailed mine, as I often feel like a multi-armed alien trying to juggle things around.

  5. The SiteGround Parties


    We often boast how we like to party. But no one is better at that than our Sales and Customer Service Team (sorry guys from other teams – while you are also great fun, they excel). Nowadays I rarely get the chance to party with “the Sales” (as we call them for short), but then, there are so many of them now, that simply matching names and faces is an achievement. Yet, those guys and girls surely know how it’s done. Waiting for the Birthday party guys!

  6. The Do-it-yourself Approach


    That’s another SiteGround special trait that we really take at heart. If it can be done in-house, and done well, we do it. Office life makes no difference to the rule. Back at the old office we used to change rooms at least once per year and I had real fun taking my desk apart and then assembling it once again.

  7. THE Team


    I left that as a last, but it really sums up what makes the SG experience for me. My SiteGround favorite is the SiteGround team – all those people who make up the incredible experience of working at SiteGround and helping me get rid of the case of Mondays as soon as I get ready to head to the office for the start of the week. Thank you, SiteGround!

Lilyana Yakimova

Product Owners Team Lead

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality.


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Feb 28, 2014

SiteGround is an amazing company ! I'm a french student in Marketing and I would love to work in this kind of ideal company. Marketing, Human Ressources, everything seems to be perfectly done. Especially your customer services, I'm really asking myself how come you can have this result, always very fast and very efficient. Does SiteGround take some interns in Marketing ?! What a dream :)



Mar 04, 2014

SiteGround office has an amazing design :) I love the color scheme, green and white could help relax your eyes



Mar 05, 2014

3pm sugar frenzy is such a great idea! I always need a little pick-me-up in the late afternoons.


Mohammad Kamran Liaqat

Mar 05, 2014

Siteground rules .....


Cathy Neff

Mar 06, 2014

My favorite memory of SiteGround is winning an iPad mini in your infographic conest! I'm still using it, and love it! And I love SiteGround. Customer service is excellent, as is support. I'll never go anywhere else. :) #customerforlife



Mar 06, 2014

I love Siteground, I use her services for years, it is very good.



Mar 06, 2014

WOAH! the team is very exceptional. They have the best customer services ever, no wonder siteground, as a company compensate them on what they have done. Cheers to siteground and the team! keep it up!



Mar 06, 2014

SiteGround is the best host company, especially for Joomla World. Cheers!



Mar 06, 2014

I moved my sites over to siteground last year after J&Beyond in Holland & never looked back. I love sitegrounds approach to customer care and also the way you and all your staff work as a unit and relax together too. The 3PM cake sugar frenzy sounds like a great idea!



Mar 06, 2014

Cartoons for a Christmas office gift is a brilliant idea! I am totally going to steal that and use it in my office. I have to pass on the 3 pm Sugar Frenzy as we are all health nuts over here. Enjoyed your blog post. Siteground sounds like a great company to work for in addition to being a great hosting service.



Mar 08, 2014

I love Siteground



Mar 13, 2014

I am so glad I found SiteGround! You folks are so awesome. You have made my Dev life so much more reliable, you are always there for me when I need you. Huge fan here!



Mar 17, 2014

Totally love SiteGround! Started here in July last year and began migrating sites over from other hosts. Totally great service and fast speeds compared to the $12/month idiots out there.



Mar 20, 2014

You guys rock, everytime ive needed help with billing ect Milenas been there to help!!! :-) Thanks Milena!


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