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I’ve been thinking that presenting our team is a good topic for our second blog post. It is quite impossible to introduce to our readers the whole SiteGround team within a single post (currently we are more than 70 people), so I will start today with a short presentation of the people who are in charge of that part of the critical aspects of our service such as uptime, server stability, technical support, etc.

Tenko – SiteGround Mastermind

tenkoTenko is the person who always knows everything! He has been with the company since 2004, almost since its beginning. Tenko started his work here as a support team rep and shortly his management skills, profound knowledge and expertise in technical operations proved that he deserves to take a leading post in the company. Apart from being an excellent leader and expert in the technical field, Tenko is one of the passionate photographers in our team.

Marian – System Administration Мagician

marianMarian is responsible for creating, maintaining, and continuously improving our innovative server architecture. He is with SiteGround since 2005. We call him the “little Google” as he is like an open IT encyclopedia – any time any of our experts has a technical question, Marian is the guy with the solution. In his free time, he is also lecturing at the Sofia University.

Nikolay – Technical Support Guru

nikiNiki is with our team since 2005 and like Tenko, he started his work as a tech support rep. He was promptly distinguished among the team for his abundant knowledge, fast and creative mind, and excellent mentoring skills which made him our Support team manager. As such he is responsible for maintaining top performance of our support team, organizing constant trainings and managing the tasks of each member of the Tech team. Thanks to his work our customers get fast, professional and friendly help at any time.

Describing key tech figures in our team with just a few words is not an easy task. To give you a better idea about who Tenko, Marian, and Niki are, they have agreed to give video interviews exclusively for our blog. To make sure you will not miss them, stop by here regularly 🙂

Hristo Pandjarov

WordPress Initiatives Manager

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!


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David Pascoe

Mar 05, 2009

Hey great to see some of the guys responsible for Siteground. I had no idea where in Europe Siteground was even located - I could only guess from the friendly and helpful support guys' names that you were in central to Eastern Europe somewhere. Now I know !



Apr 01, 2009

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. You guys are the best there is!!!!! I have 9 site with Siteground and love it. Thanks to you my job is a lot easier. THANK YOU! Gator.......................



Apr 01, 2009

I have worked with many of you in the past, esp. online support with Niki. My experience has been great with Siteground. but please do not disclose where in Europe you are located - let it be a secret!



Apr 02, 2009

Siteground stands for solid ground for your site! I have different domains at Siteground for some years now and I have had NEVER any problems. On the contrary; the aid and support you give me is always fast and top! I hope I will enjoy being at SiteGround for many many more years. Thanks! :)



Apr 02, 2009

Hi Guys, Thanks for the support, and keep looking forward to working with you in the future.


Richard Donkinson

Apr 03, 2009

You have provided flawless service for the domains which you host for me. Thanks and keep it up!



May 25, 2009

These guys are just awesome! The WEB HOSTING services you offer are top notch!!


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