In the previous post, we have already met the leaders of our technical team. Today I am pleased to introduce to you the people responsible for the management of other key aspects of the SiteGround hosting service. 

Reneta - VP, Marketing and Product Development

reniWe call her just Reni. She joined SiteGround in 2004 and started her work here as part of the Marketing Team. Today she is our Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, and is responsible primarily for SiteGround marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, accounting, and billing efforts. Oops, that gives her a bit more responsibilities than her title implies :) 

Lilyana – Marketing Manager

liliLily has been with SiteGround since its foundation in early 2004. She is the person who has created the marketing team and has been a significant contributor to SiteGround’s development. She is in charge of the Marketing team and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the day-to-day work. Lily is currently on maternal leave enjoying her time with her sweet little daughter Maria. Happy birthday Maria! (Maria turns one tomorrow.)


Sneji & Hristo – Sales Managers

hrsito_snejiSneji and Hristo joined SiteGround in 2005 and initially worked as sales representatives. Today they are in charge of a sales force of approximately 20 people supporting both existing and potential customers in all sales and renewal aspects of our service 24 hours a day.


Tina – Marketing Specialist

tinaWell, that’s me :) I work in the Marketing department of SiteGround. I enjoy socializing and I am an eager supporter of the web 2.0 media tools. That’s how I ended up managing the company’s blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter account.



I will keep meeting you with people from our team, as I believe that there is something cute about knowing the people who work for you :)