Meet Megan Valentine: “In SiteGround things get fixed in 10 minutes instead of taking 5 phone calls over 3 days!”

Megan ValentineMegan is one of the people we often see mentioning SiteGround in Twitter. That is how she got this “word of mouth hero” t-shirt 🙂 She is a professional web designer with substantial experience with Joomla and we thank her for all the good feelings she has shared.

SiteGround: You are a web designer in AdCo advertising agency, whose website we proudly host. Tell us more about the agency and your work there?

Megan Valentine: AdCo Advertising Agency is a full-service agency located in downstate Illinois. AdCo can develop work for a variety of internal departments, from media, to studio, to web, to flats. We are one of the fastest-moving agencies in the area and we like to operate ahead of the latest business trends. My job at AdCo is to build websites based on custom designs and maintain/optimize them after the site launches. We build almost exclusively in Joomla.

SiteGround: Apart from the AdCo websites you also manage — a website of a very interesting organization of the people who own antique caterpillar machinery. What is your involvement with this website?

Megan Valentine: ACMOC is one of our clients with whom we have a special relationship. Apart from designing, building and maintaining their website, AdCo is also the editor of the bi-monthly ACMOC magazine that has members worldwide. AdCo has also developed special areas of the website and online store that are available only to paid ACMOC members.

SiteGround: In your experience as a web designer, which is the favorite project you have participated in and why do you love it?

Megan Valentine: One of my personal favorite projects is the website for Maloof Realty ( It is a Joomla website but also involved a lot of custom code to allow it to connect to the local MLS listings. I learned new things about Joomla in the process and enjoyed the challenge of working with the MLS database to tie everything together.

SiteGround: And which is the most challenging project you have worked on and what made it difficult?

Megan Valentine: The ACMOC website mentioned above is the most challenging project I’ve had thus far. It involved connecting an existing CMS, an existing message forum, and a new online store. This is one of the few projects where we contracted a third party developer (in this case, a specialist in the online store software) to help with the customizations. ACMOC has a very specialized system that we needed to replicate.

SiteGround: How did you find us and why did you choose us at the first place?

Megan Valentine: When I started working at AdCo, we had a few websites hosted with three different companies, one of which was SiteGround. I learned very quickly that two of the companies had terrible support services. After a few bad experiences with hacking and downtime, we decided we really needed a dedicated server of our own. SiteGround had made such an excellent impression with their lightning fast tech support that we decided to purchase a managed server from you.

SiteGround: What was your initial impression after you started using SiteGround hosting, did it change during the years?

Megan Valentine: I was initially very nervous about moving from three web hosting options to placing all of our sites on a dedicated server with a single company, but any problems I ran into were addressed very quickly and completely. Since then we have added two other dedicated servers with SiteGround and have been assigned a senior support person that we can contact directly if needed. I don’t know any other hosting companies that would do that!

SiteGround: What makes you share your experience with our company in social media like Twitter?

Megan Valentine: Even though we host our sites exclusively with SiteGround, I do still have to deal with other hosting companies or registrars occasionally. In each case, I am reminded how frustrating it can be to get even a simple issue resolved. I find myself thinking things like, “If this was SiteGround, it would have been fixed in 10 minutes or less instead of taking 5 phone calls over 3 days!” However, most people I talk to have never heard of SiteGround, so I try to spread the word whenever I can.

Megan was the last of the four customers we announced to be featured, when this blog post series started in the beginning of the year, but we will be presenting more outstanding customers soon again!


Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager

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