Major content update and new weekly releases at SiteGround announced its priorities for the next quarter. One of the primary objectives is to update all its content and start releasing new themes and templates weekly. The company has become popular among webmasters with its large collection of free hosting tutorials, knowledge base articles with tricky issues, as well as free themes and templates for open source blogs and CMS and it plans to build further its valuable resource base.

The most experienced technical experts at SiteGround will be now dedicated to updating and releasing new useful articles about website management, security improvement, software backup and upgrade, and functionality enhancement. "Currently, we maintain over 50 tutorials and over 1,000 web hosting articles. All the content is freely accessible via the web and has helped both SiteGround and non-SiteGround customers to solve their problems and manage easily their web pages. We believe we should further extend our resources and make them even more useful as there are so many people benefiting from them," says Anatoliy Dimitrov, team leader of the project.

Apart from the website management crew, SiteGround also forms a team of designers and developers to release free themes and templates for some of the most popular open source blogs and CMS with a weekly output. SiteGround hosts many websites based on free platforms and thus would like to help its users have a unique site outlook. Every week the company releases a WordPress theme, one Joomla 1.0 and one Joomla 1.5 template, and a Mambo CMS template.

So far, with all its content and useful resources it is no wonder that the company website has been awarded a page rank of 8 out of 10 by the biggest search engine Google at its last update. "There are very few web hosting companies, who have won a ranking that high and we are very proud of it. This shows us that we are heading in the right direction and adding new content is important and useful to the community," says Kate Mihaleva, SEO expert at

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