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Our Second European Datacenter is Now Live in London

Our first data center location in Amsterdam has been serving our European clients quite well over the last few years. However, our strategy to constantly enhance our service urged us to look for more datacenter locations throughout the continent. Each new location we add allows us to deliver better performance and localized service to a certain group of our clients.

We are happy to announce that as of this week all our shared and cloud hosting plans are also available from our new datacenter in London. London has come up as the second best datacenter location given its infrastructure and connectivity and we hope that clients who get a significant part of their traffic from the UK will experience an improvement of the overall performance of their websites.

Note: Currently, we do not offer dedicated servers in London, but they will be available at a later stage.

Kiril Hristov: Kiril collaborates closely with development and design teams, bringing to life new products, features and improvements. Having grown up on the web, he can recognize a smooth user experience and strives for it in every project.

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  • Thank you Daniel.

    JB if you refer to The Register you can see an article about the data centre, which is located in Chessington. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/06/30/ibm_promises_mainframes_on_tap_softlayer_lands_on_london/

    It is stretching it a bit to call Chessington as London. However I can see there would be some strategic benefits from being located outside the city area with regard to security incidents.

    I host some of my other sites at a data centre in Kent called The Bunker and the non-city status is regarded as an asset.

    • Hi James. It is common practice for data centers to be located at city outskirts. They are very large in size and require specific infrastructure in terms of network, power, security as you said yourself. Finding everything needed in a dense urban area would be difficult and unnecessary. Also, the latency difference between such a short distance is inconsiderable.

  • Kiril, I wasn’t criticising, just providing further information for JB.

    There are many data centres in Central London: Interxion, Volta, Telehouse, Telecity, etc.

  • Does relocating mean we are going to be paying more? Like we now have to pay VAT on top of what we always pay? Especially as I'm not VAT registered?

    • Hi Jay. Changing the data center used to host your site is not at all related to VAT charging.

      VAT is charged because EU tax law requires providers of electronic services to collect VAT from customers located in EU countries. So, if you as a customer are located in the UK, we are required by law to always charge you VAT. It makes no difference which one of our data centers you choose to use for your site.

      • No, this is not quite right. We UK customers have just been told that we will be charged VAT on top of our existing charges with immediate effect. That is apparently because we are being handed over to a UK subsidiary of SiteGround rather than the original, Panama registered company we signed up with. So if you're not registered for VAT - and that's almost every UK business with a turnover of less than £82,000 per year - your bill just went up by 20% without notice. Somebody didn't think this through.

        • EU tax law requires all providers of electronic services to collect VAT from customers located in EU countries. If you as a customer are located in the UK, we are required by law to charge you VAT. It does not matter where we are located as a provider.

    • Data center can be chosen per account during the sign-up process or you can order a relocation afterwards. However, if you have multiple domains in one account, they will all be palced in the same data center.

  • I don't know if this is related to the migration or not but suddenly neither me nor many other people who use my client side database front end can reach the mysql database held at Siteground via port 3306. In fact I can't remotely reach any of my databases at siteground any more on any account. I've opened a ticket and so far have been told it the fault of my own ISP ! (ignoring the facts that all the other users are with different ISPs and that I can still reach databases that are not hosted at Siteground.

    • The issues you're experiencing aren't related to the changes we've made recently. Please, contact our support by posting a ticket in your Help Desk and my colleagues will assist you further.

  • Please add a server in Riyadh or Dubai to serve Middle East and North Africa

    They are many companies in GCC seeks a high end data center like Site Ground

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider it when we start planning our next data center.

  • I am in Romania. I want to buy GrowBig plan. Do you recommend Amsterdam or London as data center ? Witch would be best for my country ?

  • Please add a date center in Saudi Arabia or Dubai to serve MENA region

    There is a high demand for hosting services

    • Thanks for the insight on this, we will definitelly look into the possibility to add another datacenter in your region.