SiteGround is turning 10 in March. That is why I will ask some of the people that have been working for most of these years at the company to share their personal top SiteGround achievements/ events/ experiences/ initiatives/ projects/ etc. They will be posted here in the blog in the following weeks. To pave the way I share below my own personal SiteGround top 7:

  1. The SiteGround name

    Choosing the name was great fun. We made an internal game. Each of us wrote down his/her suggestions and then each person voted for the one s/he liked best. SiteGround, which was one of my suggestions, won the vote over a fierce competition including suggestions like and

  2. The first team building

    This was the time, when the company was no longer just few close friends from college. We had grown, and it was great to see other people getting inspired by the same idea, sharing the same values and having great fun together.

  3. The learning

    Each day I learn something new from the people I work with. I also hope that each day another SiteGrounder learns something new from me.

  4. Coming back from the maternity leave

    How could you not love a company, that lets you dedicate fully a year and a half to your child and then come back as if you have left yesterday!

  5. The 1H project was the big project I was involved with right after my maternity leave. It made me realize how much SiteGround’s approach to web hosting technology had evolved, and how much better it actually was than what other companies were doing at the time.

  6. JoomlaDays and WordCamps

    I guess this was one of the best things we have started in the last 3 years. Sponsoring and visiting JoomlaDays and WordCamps is inspiring, enriching, exciting, rewarding and the right thing to do from any perspective.

  7. The rebranding last year

    It was not about having a new site and logo. It was about telling the SiteGround story right. And I think we made a great job with that.