If you visit SiteGround website the next few days you may start wondering if we are changing business from selling web hosting to selling casual attire. Well, we are definitely not doing this:), what you see is actually our Labor Day Promotion:

Labor Day Promotion

As you probably know we have the habit of offering promotions for most of the major Holidays. That is why you can often see our website being overtaken by colorful eggs, carved pumpkins, cartoon turkeys and Santa Clauses, offering lower prices and free extra services. However, when it comes to Labor Day, things are a little bit more difficult. The lack of widely recognized “labor day” symbols made us search for some more unexpected images for our promotion. The inspiration came from the fact that around Labor Day most of us are taking our last summer vacations, and are getting ready for the serious work season coming forward.

So here is what we have come up, that made our website looks a little bit like business attire online shop, but has a totally symbolic meaning.

With us you will have a smart, shiny and new hosting, ready to fit perfectly your needs during the new business season.

If you think that starting a new website is a great idea, but will probably require too much of your time, you need to know that we have invented special tools to make the process easier. Our website setup wizard and our premium support for the first months will make your website start more comfortable the same way a shoe stretcher makes your new shoes more comfortable!

On the other hand, if you feel that your current hosting provider has lost part of its initial shiny appearance, it is a great time to look for something better.

So hurry up and take the best deal we have ever offered - one year hosting plus domain name for the price of a single month: order Labor Day hosting now! Keep in mind you can only have one account ordered as part of this promotion, so think twice which of your projects for the new business season deserves it most!

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager