As promised, we're adding the full recording of the hangout we had on Tuesday on our new Joomla and WordPress toolkits. We'd like to thank all of you who joined us live! We have received some questions regarding the tool after the hangout ended, so we're going to answer them in this blog post.

Q: Heather Annf: If the sites are already established, how can I add them to the toolkit?
A: If your site is hosted in the same account, but you do not see it in the list of installations, you need to press either the "Add Joomla" or "Add WordPress" buttons. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to add sites to the WordPress and Joomla toolkits. If you continue experiencing issues with that, please contact our Support team via ticket.

Q: Nikola Čulić: Is it all .htaccess commands or it is physical moving from place to place?
A: We are doing an actual, physical move of the installation from one folder to another. It's not based on .htaccess or any other redirection method.

Q: Stéphan Herby: When we move an installation from a folder to another, all files from "destination" are removed first, correct ?
A: No, we try to avoid data loss at any cost so we won't allow you to move a site to a folder that have an installation set in. If you want to move your installation to a folder, make sure it's completely empty.

Q: Bill Schaef: My two areas of interest related to Joomla Admin....1. If I have a DEV and a PROD area set up, how do I push the changes from DEV to PROD? 2. How to back up everything in PROD prior to making a push
A: In your case, we'd recommend that you use the SiteGround Staging tool and not this toolkit. Check out our hangout on that topic and the detailed tutorial we've created for our users.