SiteGround Webinar

I am extremely happy to report that our first webinar about Joomla speed was a great success – we had a very big crowd of people showing up, loads of questions in the end, and excellent feedback from our attendees!

Daniel shared so many speed optimization tips and of course as it’s practically impossible to process all this at a time, we received numerous requests to record the webinar and share the slides. So here they are:

Joomla Speed Video Replay

Joomla Speed Slides

There were many meaningful questions in the end, so make sure to watch the webinar to the very end. Still, we couldn’t answer all of them but as we promised, Daniel has provided personal response to all the questions we couldn’t cover. You can check them out here.

The second part of our series was about SEO for Joomla and again - we got amazing feedback from our attendees. We encourage you to check the video replay and the presentation slides in case you missed the webinar or if you want to brush up on the numerous tips and tricks that were discussed:

SEO for Joomla Video Replay

SEO for Joomla slides

Have an idea about our next webinar topic? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below.