Joomla, pizza, bugs, fun and Akeeba backups!

Pizza, Bugs & Fun

These days it is getting Joomla hot in the SiteGround office. We have participated in the Joomla! Pizza, Bugs and Fun event and were backed up in this initiative by the almighty Joomla backup expert – the Akeeba founder Nicholas Dionysopoulos.

Akeeba days at SiteGround

Nicholas from Akeeba BackupIt all started by having Nicholas from Akeeba Backup coming to the SiteGround office to train our team. Akeeba backup is one of the most popular extensions used by our customers and it is only natural that our support should be able to provide support for Akeeba related issues. Now being trained by the person behind the extension himself we are real Akeeba support gurus. No more support work for you, Nic!

Pizza, Bugs and Fun

Fixing Joomla BugsIt was a great coincidence that Nicholas was around for the Pizza, Bugs and Fun event, organized by There were already several people from the SiteGround team that have dedicated their day to fixing Joomla bugs and he joined the crew. Together we managed to report 6 bugs, test over 30 bug fixes and resolve 13 issues in the Joomla! bug tracker.

Unfortunately, we didn't count the number of beers (the whole team is laughing) we had but let's say we had enough beer and pizza to motivate us during the whole day. We had so much fun that we almost forgot to leave the office.

Why bother to participate at the first place?

bugThis specific Pizza, Bugs and Fun event was targeted towards the businesses working with Joomla. SiteGround joined it because it was a meaningful opportunity for us to contribute back to the project. We were able to fix things that were both important for our own business and at the same time were deteriorating the experience of many Joomla users not directly related with us. For example we have previously experienced issues with the way Joomla! uses Memcached and this was our opportunity to get these problems resolved once and for all.

Our five cents for future participants:

Since the event was so successful for us and we all had a great time we decided to share some of our observations, so that other companies and individuals will join the next PBF.

  • If you really want to be productive during the next PBF you have to dedicate some time and get familiar with the documentation and the process of reporting, fixing and testing bugs. We all know that reading tons of documentation pages is not pleasant but it is extremely useful. The organizers have also prepared training sessions and we encourage you check them out.
  • Ask for help at any time. If you are having difficulties testing or reporting a bug ask the other participants for assistance. Usually, there is a Skype conversation and everyone is there to make Joomla! a better CMS. You'll be surprised how many people will assist you and of course you will make a dozen of new friends πŸ™‚

We're off to check the Joomla! bug tracker again and if you are wondering whether or not to join the next PBF check our gallery to get an idea of how great it is to be part of such an event.

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My challenging job is closely related to all kinds of Free and Open-Source Software products (some of my favorites are WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Varnish and Apache mod_security). As a Web security and performance freak I am always hyper focused on solving all kinds of issues and improving our services.


  1. Reply July 17, 2013 / 03:02 AndySiteGround Team

    It's really exciting and refreshing to see a hosting company like siteground, so active in the Joomla community.

    Having training days from Brian Teeman & Nic from Akeeba really inspires confidence in me using siteground and have no problem in promoting them to my new clients either!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tenko, Dan & Tina at JAB13 and have since moved my main sites over to siteground with more to follow.

    Great work & thanks for your help in the bug fixing day!

  2. Reply August 26, 2013 / 16:29 Branko JagodicSiteGround Team

    As a bloger i found many interesting stuff here i just bookmark this page its fantastic thank you siteground! best regards from serbia


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