jHackGuard Received a Major Update!

Since we initially released jHackGuard back in 2010, it has been shipped with all the Joomlas installed on SiteGround servers and has additionally been downloaded more than 86,000 times from our download pages. What started as an internal tool for protecting Joomla sites under attack has turned into a really successful plugin that has helped thousands. Today we are happy to announce the release of a major jHackGuard update which greatly extends its functionality.

What's New in This Release?

First of all, the user interface got a significant update. We hope that it will be easier than ever to enable, configure and use jHackGuard! Since it's now a pack of a component and plugin, we're not limited to the options page for plugins. 

In addition to that, you can now see all the logged activity right in the component instead of having to browse through log files manually. 

We have also added BotScout support to the plugin. This is a free database of spam bots that's been maintained regularly. When enabled, this functionality will use that database to prevent spam bots from submitting any data on your site.

The next functionality we've added is the integrated firewall that allows you to blacklist and whitelist IP addresses and networks. This basically gives you the ability to protect your site from DoS and Brute Force attacks from certain IPs and at the same time to make sure that your own address will always have access to your site.

Last but not least, the patterns and rules that we use to protect you from being hacked are now located on a separate server and not hard-coded within the what used to be a plugin itself. This will allow us to update the firewall rules much more often and act immediately when new vulnerabilities emerge. In the past, we had to release an update of the plugin in order to add new checks and now we can do this instantly.

How to Update?

Updating to the next version of jHackGuard is really, really easy. Simply download it from our jHackGuard page  and install it on top of the old plugin. For more information on that matter, please check our tutorial on how to install Joomla extensions. The installer will automatically remove the old plugin and replace it with the new component + plugin package.

The new update is available only for Joomla 3. If you are still using Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 you should continue to use the old versions of our plugin compatible with your Joomla version.

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  1. Reply December 18, 2014 / 04:20 Loic PatrickSiteGround Team

    Very good news! When we can update?

    • Reply December 19, 2014 / 02:04 HristoSiteGround Team

      The new version is already available for download 🙂

  2. Reply February 9, 2015 / 22:34 JosephSiteGround Team


    Can you create wHackGuard as well for WordPress customers?


    • Reply February 10, 2015 / 03:20 HristoSiteGround Team

      There are major differences between the Joomla and WordPress projects and we can't simply integrate the plugin into it 🙂 However, there are some good free and paid solutions that do similar job out ther like Vaultpress for example.


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