Innovative server setup allowing different PHP versions has recently introduced a special and extremely innovative server setup that allows each customer to choose which version of PHP to use for his / her account. What is more, we are the first hosting company to allow the great freedom of using different PHP versions on one and the same hosting account!

Normally, only one PHP version per server is possible. That is why the hosting companies usually have separate servers for each PHP version. However, this setup is highly uncomfortable, as it requires account transfer each time a customer needs a PHP version change. This standard, one-PHP, setup also makes it impossible to have several applications running on different PHP versions hosted on one account. With the SiteGround great innovation each customer can change the default PHP version of any directory in his/her account with a few clicks!

To learn how exactly a PHP version can be changed by the customer, please refer to our Knowledge base article.

SiteGround currently supports all the latest PHP versions: PHP 5.0, PHP 5.1 and PHP 5.2. We are in process of discontinuing the PHP 4 support as the PHP development team has officially announced the end of life for the PHP 4 version and applications running on this version may create security risks before the end of 2008.

SiteGround is proud to be among the pioneers, not only in applying the latest technologies on its servers, but also in inventing such technologies. We will continue this policy in the future too as our customers deserve the efforts!

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