14 Jan


Keeping The SiteGround Herd Safe

SiteGround Security Infographic

In 2012 we started the SiteGround How Cool Is That challenge to help our clients learn about the cool technologies that only we provide. Every week of the challenge we posted a new infographic explaining one of our unique features. In the final stage of the competition, our clients were invited to vote for the coolest technology by sharing their feedback in a comment. Our unique security technology gathered most of the votes and was chosen as the coolest Siteground feature among all others. Read the comments to see the feedback from the clients who voted for it or check a short infographic on how it works.

Author: Dima Peteva

Project Manager

Loves all-things Internet and checks RSS feeds first thing in the morning as an early dose of daily inspiration, then puts it all into work throughout the day. A project manager by title, a creative enthusiast at heart.

Comments (158):

  1. Juan Luis says:

    Invisible but effective.
    Thanks Siteground!

  2. Kaven Tan says:

    Glad that Siteground does all this to keep our hosting and website up. Never suffered a downtime to our site as far as I can remember – it’s been a number of years.

  3. Bert de Boer says:

    in 2004 when I joined your hostingservice for the first time, your company was still a smalI company. But I always told people in Europe. Look overseas to this company Siteground, they have a really good service attitude, I like it very much.
    Now in 2013 , I am still a customer. You have servers in Europe and are lot bigger as a company. But still your service is as friendly as in 2004. I do have respect for this!

  4. jose luis says:

    It works!!!!
    Thanks Siteground!

  5. Marco Trovalusci says:

    Helpful and reliable.
    Well done siteground.

  6. Vinod Bokhiriya says:

    Before SiteGround, I was on Godaddy and my site was Hacked 2 times there. But after i move my sites to SiteGround, I really satisfied about security. SiteGround team also help me to remove threats from my files when i move here and help me make my sites Unhackable. And after that i never got a little security issue at all.

    So, Thumbs up for you SiteGround!

  7. Raj Gyawali says:

    I have used this feature before while developing the website…its a feature thats a must for all service providers… and one of the main reasons I use siteground… apart from all their other cool stuff!

  8. Henrik Brosenius says:

    Siteground is doing a great job to keep us all safe, possible the biggest challenge now days.

  9. Shaun Flaherty says:

    I’ve been with siteground for personal and business use for over 10 years not once have my sites been down when I have needed it & I use them every day, when I first setup & transferred my sites the help was amazing. My site has always been safe with siteground

    Thank you for a great product

  10. Abdulgafoor says:

    We are utilizing the siteground services for our business for more than FIVE years and transferred all other domains to siteground from various others to have the uninterrupted services and satisfaction what we are getting from it for all these years.

    Thank you very much siteground!

  11. Keith Mellard says:

    I have now been with you since 2005. I have received more than I could reasonably ask for in the way of service. Thank you !!

  12. Greg Ashley says:

    Security is something that no one wishes to think, or worry about. People that worry about their hosted servers security, are very unhappy people indeed. I don’t worry about about my server’s security and haven’t worried for 6 years, why? Easy, I’m with SiteGround.

  13. Paolo Vigliarolo says:

    Thank you Siteground because I never had hacking problems with archeocommons.net!!

  14. Alper Basiran says:

    doing the job as it should be.

  15. Francesco Abortivi says:

    It works!

  16. Scott @ Century says:

    I’ve been with Siteground for many years and have never experienced any hack attempts or compromised security. Unlike other hosts which are slow to patch issues and upgrade, Siteground are constantly at it to ensure you don’t need to worry at all. No black sheeps for me.

  17. Zaka Alibayov says:

    Security in web is necessary for every site. SiteGround helps me to take my site under the protection.

  18. Antonio says:

    Thank you Siteground for keeping our websites safer everyday!!

  19. Tuula says:

    It works!

  20. Hakik says:

    Works perfectly!

  21. Kylie Larsson says:

    Where trust and safety are guaranteed;
    Siteground always fulfills your sites’ security needs.

  22. Andy Brown says:

    This has to be my first choice. Sitegrounds efforts to protect their customers is really admirable. I have been with Siteground for 3 years now, am fully satisfied with their service, suppport and efforts, which are second to none imo. It’s rare to find such high levels commitment, as offered by Sitground. Thumbs up and thank you.

  23. Shawn Dunigan says:

    I have been with Siteground for three years now and I have had no security issues. Not until an associate in ministry experienced a breach in his security that I realized how good and SAFE we truly have it! Thanks for the peace of mind.

  24. Katharina May says:

    silent and steady – very reliable!

  25. Susan Hayse says:

    Thanks for thinking of everything, Siteground!

  26. Manana Kochladze says:

    Great work. Never experienced any problems with security. When I see the webs hacked , virused and etc, I m becoming bit amused, because almost more than four years since the Siteground host us, we never experienced any even slight notice or feel insecure with our web products. Great job to be continued, thanks a lot and wish the all the success in future.

  27. Kevin Graham says:

    So good, I’ve never had to spend a moment worrying about it…

  28. ID Safairis says:

    With siteground frequent security updates and patches, there is no need to worry about intrusion and malicious hacks. Simply secured.

  29. Pema Gyamtsho says:

    Website security and related updates/patches for various CMSs is what I found to be the coolest feature with SiteGround. Many web hosts always reiterate that we must have latest version of CMS to be secure from the world of hackers when any websites get hacked.

    But, I have been with SiteGround for last 6-7 years and found out that if you really have a team and architecture with robust knowledge on web security, it doesn’t matter with SiteGround even if we have the oldest version of CMSs… I have never had my websites offline within these long years!

    SiteGround, I would always continue depending on your expertise and never take my webite off from your system! CONGRATULATIONS!

  30. Alexander Fomenko says:

    I’ve never had problems with security on the Siteground hosting! You’re great!

  31. David says:

    I switched multiple sites to SiteGround after dealing with a host with questionable security. Super happy with SiteGround. No hacking here! Keep up the good work.

  32. Susan Jackman says:

    I design and develope websites for a living and have had to deal with just about every hosting company and I recommend site ground hands down for many reasons. What really pushed me to make the switch with my personal hosting needs was in one part the excellent customer service but mostly was for exactly this reason. I have never had a site hacked since using site ground but even using a big popular hosting company (I won’t say who, they all do it) I would have my site hacked at least every other month and I was keeping up with everything I could do. The really frustrating part is when these companies turn around and try to blame you and are less then enthusiastic about helping you fix it, yet it keeps happening. I am so happy with site ground and everything they do for their customers. They are proof that customer service is not dead!

  33. Mike says:

    This is a really awesome feature that siteground has developed and is now selling to other hosts to keep everyone safe on shared hosting. Way to go!

  34. Przemek Szatkowski says:

    Im with SiteGround some time and its great. Also my friends have services on you servers. And best of all, we can trust in account safeness and durability. Great job. Thank you

  35. Arthur Davis says:

    I was hacked one time but thats to siteground I was able to get my site back up and 100 times safer.

  36. Christodoulos Efstathiades says:

    Security is guaranteed

  37. michael chisina says:

    Great product

  38. Pavel Nedkov says:


  39. michael says:

    You guys do a great job!! Thanks!

  40. Mbrun says:

    Threats everywhere but SiteGround is on guard.

  41. Alfonso says:

    Chrooting each instance of the server is a very good way of keeping those not-so updated webpages from harming other users on the same shared server.

    I also like that you get an email telling you to update your software, and I love those backups so that if you ever have any problem you can fix it in a few seconds. I’m happy that I didn’t need them yet, but I feel safer knowing that they are there.
    I’ve never ever had any problem with Siteground, and in my old hosting service I had several problems that could have been avoided doing what Siteground does to avoid problems.

    However, I have to say, that the php version installed is a bit old now (5.2) and the newest stable version from php.net is the 5.4.

    Siteground is the best hosting service out there, just keep the good work!

    • vaLentin says:

      Try adding the following handler to /home/username/public_html/.htaccess file:

      AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54 .php .php5 .php4 .php3

      This will process your web site with the latest php 5.4.x available on the server. If your site’s code is not compatible with it for some reason simply remove the line and you will revert to php 5.2.x

      PHP 5.3 is available with this line to the same file:

      AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php .php5 .php4 .php3

      I hope this helps.


  42. Megan Valentine says:

    Like I need to tell you guys that I think you’re cool! We originally switched to SiteGround for a few of our accounts after the got hacked elsewhere, years ago. The support was so amazing here that we eventually moved all of our accounts and now have 2 dedicated servers and 1 Cloud VPS account. And lots of friends on the SiteGround team. :)

  43. Murali says:

    Best Hosting Site, that helps even a beginner feel like a Professional.

  44. Stephen says:

    SiteGround’s security has not failed us ever. No hacks at all. Thanks SiteGround for raising the Bar on Security!

  45. VolksJagger says:

    Whoa! over 3.5k hits per minute! Now that siteground assures this power, I will need to work hard on my site to harness and take advantage of all the features and reach those 3500 hits per minute! I have been four years with siteground and I can foresee my site will stay on these grounds a long, long time.

  46. Polo says:

    Pretty Amazing!

  47. Nancy says:

    Never have had to give security a second thought – we trust SiteGround implicitely.

  48. Xavier says:

    Siteground make SSL installation a breeze, I have never encountered an issue very competitive for the level of security offered! – Well done site ground.

  49. Momir says:

    Zadovoljan od prvog dana.vašom uslugom.

  50. Jagadish Hiremath says:

    Siteground is secure, reliable and dependable. Thank you for all the good work and service. My complaints are attended within reasonable time and satisfactorily.

  51. Abdullah Al-Ansi says:

    It works great thank you siteground

  52. Lisa says:

    I’ve been using Siteground for years and have had all my clients sign up as well. Not one of us has ever had a security issue and for that I am extremely grateful.

  53. Edna says:

    I LOVE SiteGround
    That’s the reason, DuoDigital recommends you to its customers!!!!

  54. Dennis says:

    We have brought our sites to Siteground after most horrid experience hosting our sites on GoDaddy (the uptime was on average of 75% – looong story). Now with years down the road we can definitely say that Siteground is focused on customer experience improvement 100%. Our site has been attacked a few times and Siteground team took all the needed measures to secure the site on-time and contacted us to let us know about it. It was our pleasure to learn that Siteground takes PRO-ACTIVE measures to secure their clients’ sites from intrusions, attacks, malicious software. Back-ups were available and offered by the staff to be restored for us with no fee. It was great to know such services are available even though we solely relied on Akeeba.

    Recent improvements with availability of agents/representatives via chat, phone, e-mail has made our experience with Siteground outstanding. Account management portal is quite intuitive and kept simple.

    Siteground got our “backs” covered!!!

  55. Santiago Alvarez says:

    I feel that my website is very safe with siteground, because it provides the best security tools for his costumers.

    glad to be a siteground member!! the best server provider!

  56. Kristen says:

    I’ve never had a site security problem in the 6+ years that I have been a customer. Luckily SiteGround has great features to ensure that it stays that way!

  57. Adam says:

    I get updates every week via email on safety of my website.

  58. Lisa says:

    So glad that I have never had any security threats or spam posted on my website. Thanks Siteground!

  59. Eric says:

    I find SiteGround the best and easy web-hosting with a lot of feature!
    My site has never been down, I could easily update all I wanted and whenever I wanted.
    They have a great customer service, they know what they are talking about and they do understand what you want.
    I do not have any reason to change from provider!
    For me SiteGround is the one and only!

  60. thineskumar says:

    I’m using Hosting plus account. that’s amazing really good. my sites are running quick. also i have recommend siteground for many people to use. one of the best hosting out there for us to use….keep it up guys!

  61. Undrakh says:

    Siteground does great jobs. Thanl you all.

  62. Shawn Capps says:

    The best customers sevice! SG’s support team are
    Absolutely amazing. Thanks

  63. Van says:

    A team of professionals is ever vigilant in defending our site against the ever onslaught. Been a customer for 7 years and look forward to more.

  64. Art says:

    Best thing I can say about a company…you deliver what you promise.

  65. Deborah says:

    Thanks for making shared hosting affordable *and* safe.

  66. Sara Hubrich says:

    Very happy with SSL security. Thanks!

  67. Laszlo Csoto says:

    I could sleep very well all night.
    I’m sure my site is working.
    Thanks SG.

  68. Larry lee says:

    It’s ace

  69. Rudy says:

    Love this. All of these graphics are great at helping me better know and understand what siteground has to offer and to help pass it on to others. Keep up the GREAT work!

  70. Cesar says:

    SiteGround allways updates the security tools, the tutorials and documentation is relevant.

  71. Marcel Rivera says:

    Seamless security. No issues so far.

  72. Doug L says:

    Great option, especially for running multiple sites.

  73. Adam Fraser-Kruck says:

    Big fan of great security. I’ve been with other hosting providers where my account was affected by a bad sheep on another account. Pretty terrible. I’m glad I’ve never encountered this with Siteground in years of hosting. Thanks!

  74. James says:

    I have been using Siteground services for quite some time, the best part of it is, the fact that’ I haven’t used all of these features provided by SG, But what catches my attention and keeps me with siteground for all my hosting needs, is the Dedication with which SG and SG Team provides service (Quality service & Support). I’ve never faced any such Major issues with SG.

    Thanks SG

  75. Belabz says:

    What is Siteground for me ?
    The best holly web hoster in the world.
    I moved all my account from sucking 1&1 and the bad Daddy that didn’t care about me to Siteground hosting plan and services.

    I have different accounts from shared to dedicated server, it’s fast, secure and working very nice. i have nothing to say.

    This ‘s my story for 3 years now.
    Hope Siteground will keep his quality forever.

  76. Monique Burney says:

    Security is the most important aspect of a website. All others come 2nd. Security prevents unauthorized users, hacking, fraud, etc. Without siteground’s firm security policy and servers, we would all be susceptible to internet frauds and danger.

  77. Burton says:

    Security is awesome. never had any issues with those “Black’ sheep. My herd is secure.

  78. jim Najmi says:

    Its been a great six years of service from Sitegroung with dependabilty and reliabity.

    Keep up the good work.

  79. Muhammad Fahim Khan says:

    Luv n enjoy the services from SiteGround.com

    Keep it up Guys….Best of Luck.

  80. Edna says:

    The other day, I received a false e-mail of my bank for this reason I think In this moment the security is the most important aspect.

  81. Fred Mellink says:

    It is hard to select the coolest infographics. The coolest I think is that SiteGround HAS IT ALL for their customers. On my site http://fm-designcc.nl you can read my satisfaction.

  82. Tim says:

    As a web designer and owner of a small independent company offering web hosting through siteground, my confidence that my clients websites will be secure and reliable is invaluable. The state of the art server equipment used by siteground is an excellent selling point to my clients
    Add to that, the customer service is top-notch!

  83. Mark says:

    Excellent service and security. I’ve used SiteGround for years on multiple sites I manage and own. Many thanks for all your work.

  84. Mick H says:

    In today’s reckless and careless internet world, many people strive to better secure their websites, and not many people have the knowledge and know how to do so properly. With the tools that SiteGround helps provide, and the useful assistance from the SiteGround staff as well as the third party applications that assist with this security, hosting a website on SiteGround is highly recommended. The security features offered were the primary reason my company chose SiteGround as a host, and with the additional benefits that came along with their service, we couldn’t have chose a better hosting site.

  85. Mike says:

    I always thought that siteground is a very good service provider on the hosting market. I also like the dedicated server offers. And the cpanel is just wonderfull that is everywhere. Now this new cache system proved again that inventing in a leading technology well worth it. Thanks for that.

  86. Libby says:

    Safety first! Go SiteGround!

  87. Steve P says:

    I love getting emails telling me out SiteGround website is secure from hackers!

  88. Brad Marks says:

    I like to know that my site is secure. Thanks!

  89. James Taylor says:

    I have been using Siteground for all my sites since 2005. The security of my sites during this time have never been breached. Well done Siteground crew!

  90. Edwin Escobar says:

    Muy bueno el servicio hasta el momento y la agilidad del servidor ha sido buena.

  91. Alex Tataru says:

    So far so good. Happy with Siteground server and services as well. Tried CloudFlare and like it.

  92. Anayansi Mendoza says:

    After many desepciones by lack of security on our previous hoster finally we found Siteground and so far everything is going just fine. Thanks SiteGround

  93. Gregorio says:

    Good services

  94. Bradley Clampitt says:

    I feel safe with Siteground in that every flaw that I have heard or read about has been taken care of swiftly which leaves me with little concern about flaws or security issues.

  95. M Stanko says:

    I love the feature that fences off all of the accounts. I have not ever had any issues with SiteGround when it comes to security. Glad to know this is one of the features. It’s just one of those things that happens behind the curtains that we don’t have to worry about. We just know its there to make our accounts safer. This is why I stick with SiteGround. They really value their customers!

  96. monaye says:

    I’v been using Siteground for over 5 years and never had major issue. It’s kind of hard to get to technical support but that kind of situation happen only once in the while. Now I have 1 semi, 1 plus and multiple shared on Siteground. Keep up the good work.

  97. Nenad Stolic says:

    One tiny glitch in the first week of using Siteground hosting for www.tortalina.com solved with efficient help by customer support and never, ever any problem in more than year since then :)

  98. Matt Cox says:

    Once i turned on my Supercacher,
    My site’s become like a superblaster,
    Loading data at lightning speed,
    Meeting all our crazy needs.
    Oh, Siteground you’ve done it now,
    Blowin’ us up like a BLOW, BLOW, BLOW!

    Thanks Siteground for a wonderful year!


  99. Gareth Davies says:

    If you aren’t safe then the rest of it becomes meaningless. Once we are safe, then and only then can we proceed on other fronts!

  100. Kyle says:

    Keepin’ us safe the Siteground way.

  101. Scott Q says:

    I have multiple sites on multiple hosts, but I have started to migrate all of them to Siteground because of the Security that Siteground provides! A++

  102. Craig says:

    I never have to worry about security with SiteGround. This is why I have it and have referred friends and clients knowing that they will be as satisfied with their hosting as I am.

    Keep up the good work.

    Also I love the infographics.

  103. James says:

    Simple to set up, protects everything I want it to.

  104. James Campbell says:

    Thanks siteground for having automatic script updates it means I don’t have to worry about them and it also shows some professionalism on the part of me and the hosting company and having good customer service if the customer has questions about anything

  105. Andrew says:

    I’ve never had ANY problems with security, yet, access has always been easy! Thank you!

  106. Jeff says:

    My site is safe and sound. Love it

  107. Colman Chan says:

    Great features, peace of mind !

  108. Evans says:

    i create a lot of online application security was always the issue but since i started using site ground. i was at peace

  109. Jake says:

    Been using siteground for the past year and the only reason I switched hosts was due to them updating their php to version 5.3 and adding their own security before waiting for a safe release like all the other hosts. I’m glad to have made the switch and haven’t had any issues using the any of the software.

  110. Anh Tran says:

    I dont know this function … But I think SiteGround will also protect me

  111. アスティゲタ・ベルナルド says:



  112. divinity says:

    Siteground is such an amazing host. I lost my site last year when I accidentally deleted my blog while trying to get rid of a virus warning. They restored it via backup and saved me from losing three years worth of writings!


  113. Khawar Jaff says:

    Helpful and reliable.
    Well done siteground.

  114. Karen Fuller says:

    The service has always been fast efficient and reliable. Courteous people who certainly know what they’re doing. Thanks.

  115. Vladimir says:

    It is great security. No need to think about patches and intrusions. All will be done by siteground team

  116. ramer says:

    our website was hacked 3 times with our former webhosting company, but when I have siteground as my hosting company, hacking issue is no longer my concern. I can sit, relax and worry free everyday!

  117. julien says:

    well… i would say that the name says it all. Supercacher is really super.
    Siteground really offers killer features for their hosting service.
    It is rare to see that many features for shared hosting, shared hosting are usually the little black swan of the hosting world. And such caching system is really “Super”.

    But it seems that Siteground understood that it’s not only the big shot that makes the world and its economy turn.

    Thank you Siteground team for your very special hosting services.

  118. johan says:

    Saved me a few years ago when my Joomla-account had been hacked! Pfew!

  119. michael chisina says:

    im loving it!!

  120. Igor says:

    Feeling safe with all that reliable security features. Sleeping well now after moving to Siteground!

  121. SiteYapici says:

    Cache is the most important feature for me on fast loading times

  122. Sarah says:

    I love all of these infographics – I am a new customer with Siteground and I can compare them with two other suppliers – Siteground is the best

  123. diogjen says:

    i was great for me auto update save all my webpage .thanks a lot

  124. Lai says:

    Excellent service and a great price. Can’t beat their support response time!

  125. Ian says:

    Excellent service, very grateful for it.

  126. Ian says:

    Excellent service, very grateful for it, much needed

  127. Carlos Yepez says:

    Site Ground is the thing ever I experienced.

  128. Apostolis says:

    Siteground, simply, gives you what you want, when you want it, and with lower cost.

  129. Krys says:

    Siteground best of the best, and their support even better.
    Really maybe site`ground` but top level !!!

  130. Eric J. Gates says:

    At the end of the day, all any user wants from a good website hosting service is uptime with no problems. Siteground goes beyond this simple but often overlooked requirement – they keep you running and safe! Nobody does it better!

  131. Brandon says:

    The hardware Siteground uses must be really high-end to host all these websites.

  132. David King says:

    Have been with Siteground for four years, and am continuing to stay because they are simply the best when it comes to what you need in a hosting company: Great service, support, security and performance! Thank you!

  133. Minnie Vergara says:

    Love Siteground! They have the fastest and best customer service that I have ever experienced! Two Thumbs up!!!

  134. Rachel says:

    I’m giving a shout out to quick, helpful and efficient customer service and website back ups – Thanks Siteground:)

  135. George Kelley says:

    This literally saved my a$$ last week. I accidentally deleted an entire directory on the wrong account and literally “minutes” later support had my goof-up figured out and “righted”. Priceless! I have a crush on you guys ;)

  136. Mariah says:

    I’m not an expect on sites but with site ground website is easier to manage

  137. Melissa says:

    Love that it’s just done for me! Never have to worry! I can focus on what I NEED to!

  138. Alan says:

    This is why I stick around here. I develop websites, have 20 or so sites that I am maintaining usually. When 2 or 3 of them go down because GoDaddy got hacked, every 4 or 5 months I really appreciate the great service that I get. Great service, great price, and a Cpanel…

  139. fawad khan says:

    Site Ground is the most secure secure hosting site, and the support of the site is superb.

  140. Walter Kos says:

    Shout out to the security team! For info graphics that really kept me engaged, great write up Security team glad to know your herding the black sheep. Personally experiencing my websites hacked in the past due to poor security from previous web hosts, switching to SiteGround has proven to be the safest choice I have made for my websites.

    Thanks Team!

  141. mathieu lainé says:

    Just great. The team is always here to help you, my sites are working perfect. Just love it.

  142. Yassine says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m one satisfied client !

  143. Arwa says:

    everything is so easy and secure on Siteground. I have been there for a year and I can’t be more satisfied. I always try new features and I always want an easy access to my web site, and siteground makes everything seem so easy and normal and even tempting. The auto updates are amazing and the unlimited space and everything. This is the perfect web host. I love my web site more than anything else, and my web site loves me back, with the help of siteground of course.
    Thank you for your great hosting!

  144. Ian says:

    Working as a freelance artist in the entertainment industry, my sites tend to be used for self and client promotion. Many of these clients are busy people needing to get through stacks of applicants or stacks of ideas in an extremely quick fashion. This feature allows for expedient access and gets the information to the intended individual faster.

  145. Brian says:

    It’s awesome!

  146. Kristina says:

    I like the daily backup for peace of mind when i update the site. its good to know that should anything go wrong there is always a backup that i can use.

  147. wally domingo says:

    Since I join this world in 2009, My only hosting house is siteground….why? because the show me siteground is my home sweet home for all my projects!

    Thanks guys!

  148. Stian Magnussen says:

    Excellent !!!!!!!

  149. shahin says:

    SiteGround is one of the best Hosting in the world!
    before i moved here i was looking for hosting( i checked alot of hosting and they are too Expensive and they’re customer support wasn’t good as SiteGround!!)
    And i’m really happy for choosing siteGround b/c when i was trying to buy Hosting, they support me in anyway like email, Live chat, and phone .
    I hope they become popular than now and Always be successful!

    Thank You SiteGround !

  150. Mohamed Fareed says:


    I am using siteground hosting for 5 years, I never have a single complaint upto date. Even I definitely want to speak about the performance and support it Extremely Great. I like the Live support, because they handsomely handle their customer and really a Customer friendly support team siteground kepping…

    Good Luck

  151. Leon Chia says:

    Security is an issue that is beyond most of us, non-technical people! It is something that we (have to ) place trust in our host. Siteground gives me confidence, and for that I’m thankful.

  152. Sita @ Real Food Suomi says:

    Siteground is amazing. Thank you for looking out for all of the sites. The service and customer service you provide is unmatched.

  153. olayemi says:

    Just like a postage stamp sticks to an envelope…so i did ever since i signed up.I moved all my site to siteground in 2009.I had tried 3 hosting companies before then.So I got my reseller account here and i went to bed with my 2 eyes closed.no worries.Excellent customer support and techy guys.

  154. Przemek Szatkowski says:

    Siteground is awesome! They immediatly react for any ‘disturbance in the Force’ :) One of my Joomla services was infected with some malicious software, Siteground closed that servive and inform me about it. After cleaning that site – about 20min, Siteground checked all other my services on reseller account, they help me to secure others services and after 30min all my services were online. And most valuable in that is that any account on that shared server was all the time secure and functioning. Great service and care.

  155. Jason Mohr says:

    Siteground security has been awesome and their support team is the most responsive I’ve had in a webhost.

  156. amjad says:

    this security is good and better and security is most important for home and business and also for you and me and all peoples

  157. amit says:

    security is awesome.