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HHVM Now Available on SiteGround Cloud Hosting Accounts

We're happy to announce that HHVM is now being added as an option to our Cloud hosting platform. HHVM is a great technology that uses a just-in-time compilation approach to achieve superior speed when handling PHP scripts and thus makes PHP-based websites faster.

Why should you consider using HHVM?

One word - speed. HHVM is considerably faster than every 5.x PHP currently available. There are a lot of in-depth performance tests of HHVM versus different PHP versions floating around showing this result. I really don't want to repeat any of those, but just to give you an idea about the performance boost you can get, I've done a simple and quick test. First, I measured the loading time for the dynamic part of a default WordPress installation with a lot of sample data and the twentyfifteen theme, and the result was approximately 400ms with PHP 5.6. Then, I switched the very same application to use HHVM and that time dropped down to about 200ms. This means that the dynamic part of the loading process was approximately twice faster with HHVM.  It should be also noted that this test was done when the dynamic cache was switched off. If you already use dynamic cache, enabling HHVM will probably not have a dramatic effect on the pages of your site that are cached, simply because their loading no longer relies on the speed of the PHP handling. However, HHVM will improve the speed for the parts of your site that are not suitable for dynamic caching, for example your WordPress administrative area, your shopping cart pages, etc.  So for best speed results we recommend using both technologies together.

Using HHVM on SiteGround

All new cloud accounts will be setup from now on to include HHVM as an option. We will soon add the technology to all existing Linux container based Cloud accounts too. The HHVM can be activated through a new tab in our SuperCacher tool in the cPanel as explained in our HHVM tutorial.

Hristo Pandjarov: Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

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    • Hpefully we'll be able to add it on cheaper platforms too but at this point I can't tell you when or if that will happen.

  • Hi Hristo,

    Great innovation. I am absolutely happy with my siteground hosting, but too bad that your competitors are offering HHVM for much lower costs like dreamhost

    • Every company has its own pricing policy. HHVM is just a beta feature for DreamPress 2 while we offer a fully functional, stable product at a great price. In addition to that, our Cloud platform is a completely different type of product :)

  • Hi

    When will "old" customers get HHVM on their Cloud servers ?

    It is almost a couple of months since it came on new Cloud customers servers :(

    You made an launch now with new stats, why are "old" Cloud customers always last in line to get these new things, we pay quite a lot of money every month for our servers, but always get the new stuff as last one.

    • You can post a ticked in your Help Desk and request to be migrated to the new Cloud platform. This way you will get all the new features we've added to it. That's one of the reasons we've updated our VPS plans - we can now easily integrate services that we couldn't before. It's not about old vs new customers, it's about being able to add a certain feature to the platform.

  • Hi Hristo

    hmmm, I sent an ticket weeks ago to support, they told me that I had to wait until they got time to get it out to "old" customers :)

    So you say that I just have to ask to be migrated to the new cloud platform, and they will move everything for me, right ?

    • It depends on the extensions and the theme you're using. There's no better way than to test it on your particular site!

  • Hi

    I test to enable the HHVM cache, as suggested. It is faster as i see.
    BUT i have problem in my joomla administrator.

    When HHVM cache is on, I can not manage or write a new article in my joomla 3 admin.
    I have a blank white page. Do not load any article in administrator.

    Any help to fix this problem?

    C. Konstantinos

    • You can try PHP7 - it produces great results and in some cases is even faster than HHVM. And it's already available for our shared plans.

  • Is there any list of disallowed plugin with use of hhvm as wpegine and kinsta is providing...?

    • We don't have a list of disallowed plugins for our customers. As long as a plugin is working correctly and within the resource limitations, you can use it on your SiteGround hosting account.