google_appsI guess that most of you probably already use, have tried or at least have heard of Google Apps. Yes, Google’s online office suite - a set of web applications through which you can organize your emails, documents, presentations, calendar events, etc.

The main advantage of Google Apps is obvious - your documents are always available online. Thus you don't need to install any additional software on your computer- all you need is an Internet connection and a standard web browser.

We know that many people would love to use Google Apps, but they find it difficult to configure their own domains for services such as Google Docs for example. After all, some users do not understand how DNS works, what CNAME and MX records are and how to create and manage them.

And in fact, it is not necessary to know much about DNS, CNAME and MX records – we decided to save you the hassle and make the process easy and straightforward with the new tool we created - Google Apps Manager. It is free and as the name suggests, it will give you the opportunity to quickly and easily set up your own domain hosted with us for Google Apps.


To say that using our Google Apps Manager is easy would be an understatement. All you have to do to set up your domain(s) is to choose the domain and the Google Apps service you want to use with it, and then click Continue. You don't want to use a certain Google Apps service anymore? Just delete it from the Google Apps Manager. The tool is available for all shared hosting accounts (will be included for resellers soon as well ) in the SiteGround Customer Area > My Account > Manage > Manage Google Apps. It is also linked in the Get Support Section. Check this tutorial for Google Apps detailed guidelines and how-tos.

If you have any recommendations and feedback, we’ll be glad to hear it! Enjoy!


Special thanks to Flickr user Mtyndall for making his image available under a Creative Commons license.