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google_appsI guess that most of you probably already use, have tried or at least have heard of Google Apps. Yes, Google’s online office suite - a set of web applications through which you can organize your emails, documents, presentations, calendar events, etc.

The main advantage of Google Apps is obvious - your documents are always available online. Thus you don't need to install any additional software on your computer- all you need is an Internet connection and a standard web browser.

We know that many people would love to use Google Apps, but they find it difficult to configure their own domains for services such as Google Docs for example. After all, some users do not understand how DNS works, what CNAME and MX records are and how to create and manage them.

And in fact, it is not necessary to know much about DNS, CNAME and MX records – we decided to save you the hassle and make the process easy and straightforward with the new tool we created - Google Apps Manager. It is free and as the name suggests, it will give you the opportunity to quickly and easily set up your own domain hosted with us for Google Apps.


To say that using our Google Apps Manager is easy would be an understatement. All you have to do to set up your domain(s) is to choose the domain and the Google Apps service you want to use with it, and then click Continue. You don't want to use a certain Google Apps service anymore? Just delete it from the Google Apps Manager. The tool is available for all shared hosting accounts (will be included for resellers soon as well ) in the SiteGround Customer Area > My Account > Manage > Manage Google Apps. It is also linked in the Get Support Section. Check this tutorial for Google Apps detailed guidelines and how-tos.

If you have any recommendations and feedback, we’ll be glad to hear it! Enjoy!


Special thanks to Flickr user Mtyndall for making his image available under a Creative Commons license.

VP of Strategic Partnerships

After 10+ years at SiteGround, probably the only thing I haven’t done (yet) here is writing code. Today I help SiteGround grow our client base through events and partnerships. I have the immense pleasure to do it with the help of the best team members which I am also privileged to call friends.


  1. Reply June 16, 2009 / 10:06 Ian WrightSiteGround Team

    Fantastic! I waste so much time configuring Google Apps for each new client!
    But please, where is the link??!!!
    Customer Area > check.
    My Account > check.
    Manage > check.
    Manage Google Apps. Fail!!

  2. Reply June 16, 2009 / 23:42 TinaSiteGround Team

    Ian, I just double checked @ your customer area and confirm that the link and the banner for Google Apps Manager are there. The easiest way is to login at the customer area -> My account section -> Scroll a little bit down and you will see a banner for Google Apps on the left column ( it says "Setup Google Apps™ for your domain!").

    Hope this helps 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Reply June 17, 2009 / 17:04 SiteGround Automates Google Apps Configuration… YES! « Richard Shatto’s BlogSiteGround Team

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  4. Reply July 8, 2009 / 19:23 PemaSiteGround Team

    When will you launch the same service (Google Apps) for Resellers? I can't see the link/banner for google apps in my reseller accounts.

  5. Reply July 9, 2009 / 08:09 זרחSiteGround Team

    Very Nice.. Nicer than Nice..

  6. Reply July 9, 2009 / 09:46 TinaSiteGround Team

    @ Pema within the next month it should be available and for our resellers 🙂 Just a bit more patience, we are working on it.

  7. Reply July 27, 2009 / 09:32 OndrejSiteGround Team

    Amazing stuff! Not everybody thinks about service like that. I'm selecting a new hosting company and this is most impressive.

  8. Reply July 31, 2009 / 13:42 IanSiteGround Team

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks for your reply, but no, the link's definitely not there. But someone else told me that it's not available yet for resellers, so I guess I'll just keep waiting. But boy, that is sure going to help me when it gets here! Can't wait!

  9. Reply August 7, 2009 / 00:15 SamanthaSiteGround Team

    Selling products as an domain reseller is a great way to make money. For one thing, you get to earn money from the products without having to fulfill them yourself or deal with customer service issues. Nothing is better than that! The returns are usually higher than with Adsense, provided you’re able to find an offer that converts well with the people who visit your website.

    Here is some caution we all need to look out for!!

    The beautiful thing about a good domain name is that every domain name is unique and can be a sustainable competitive advantage even for the “little guy”.
    But beware, I do put a word of caution out into the community that there are a lot of registrars that when you type in the name to see if it is taken, they immediately register it for themselves (if you don’t). This is a disgusting practice.

    When I started blogging I never really thought of buying my own domain. I just wanted to write and blog all my ideas, aspirations, dreams and anything that are happening to me.
    Plain and simple, isn't it?

    For A long time no but now things are moving on smoother then ever. Just passing on this Info to anyone who is interested. Thanks

  10. Reply August 27, 2009 / 01:05 Jilesh PatadiyaSiteGround Team

    Can I setup Google Mail service for business for the domain hosted with you guys ?

    • Reply August 27, 2009 / 06:50 DimaSiteGround Team

      Thanks for your question, Jilesh. As I mentioned in reply to your previous comment on the TELMeMobi blog post, I'll be sending you a detailed email shortly, since you have several questions and I don't want to scatter the info in separate comments:)

  11. Reply November 29, 2009 / 20:12 davidpSiteGround Team

    One addition that would be nice is the option to add a CNAME record for


    so that users will be able to go to http://mail.HOSTED-DOMAIN.COM to get straight into their webmail, rather than having to remember

    A little cherry to add to this nice little DNS configuration product you have created.


  12. Reply November 29, 2009 / 20:16 davidpSiteGround Team

    seems like you guys have already added this feature !


  13. Reply December 3, 2009 / 07:21 HristoSiteGround Team

    Hi David,
    You can actually make CNAME records using the Subdomains tool in your cPanel 🙂

  14. Reply February 24, 2010 / 08:02 bobSiteGround Team

    You can make CNAME records using the Subdomains....check it out as an option

  15. Reply August 22, 2014 / 00:01 Mero Server InternationalSiteGround Team

    The easiest way is to login at the customer area -> My account section -> Scroll a little bit down and you will see a banner for Google Apps on the left column ( it says “Setup Google Apps™ for your domain!”)


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