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A lot of work goes into building a successful website, big or small. SiteGround’s mission is to help people tell their story, share their work, or grow their business online by creating a high-performance and secure foundation for their site. However, there are things outside of our hosting expertise that we can't deliver at scale.

For these tasks, we wanted to refer our customers to trustworthy partners, so we don’t leave a client-in-need wondering what to do. When we met Codeable, a service that can perform common WordPress development and design tasks, we knew they could deliver the services many of our customers need.

To kickstart our partnership, we’re offering SiteGround customers $60 they can put towards their first Codeable project or up to a one-hour consultation with a WordPress professional.

Why partner with Codeable?

Every single day, we receive requests from customers who need help with their WordPress website. While we can help customers optimise their SiteGround tools and get the best hosting possible, we can’t get into the nitty-gritty of every website’s codebase and custom setup.

Codeable’s talented developers focus on offering excellent support, not outbidding each other. When you match with a developer, you get charged the average estimated price submitted by Codeable professionals, so you can be sure you’re getting the best help available without compromise.

This commitment to quality is one of the driving principles at SiteGround, and we’re pleased to partner with a company that shares our values. We believe Codeable will be a valuable partner in helping our customers with design and development challenges from the initial website creation to ongoing maintenance.

What can Codeable help you do?

Codeable’s pool of developers are based in the US and Europe and are available to:

    • Troubleshoot and fix plugin errors, blank pages, and other maintenance.
    • Customise WordPress themes and plugins.
    • Build custom themes and features.
    • Even create a website from scratch, including eCommerce or membership sites.

Not sure exactly what your site needs? Not a problem. You can request a consultation with an expert to diagnose your site. In fact, that’s one of their most popular options and your $60 credit covers one hour with a WordPress professional.

How does it work?

SiteGround clients get a $60 credit towards their first project with Codeable. It could be any task, big or small, that you need a developer’s expertise to complete.

To use your credit with Codeable, go to your User Area and click on the banner featuring Codeable. You’ll land on the Codeable site. Click on “Get a $60 Credit” to launch the submission page where you can describe your development needs using a custom form created for SiteGround clients based on the most typical inquiries we get but do not service. 

Select the category and describe your project or request a consultation. The more information you include here, the easier it will be for Codeable to match you with developers and to provide an accurate and timely estimate.

Posting a project is free, and there’s no obligation to hire an expert after you receive an estimate. If you move forward with the developer, you’ll be able to communicate with them and track the progress of your site right in the Codeable Workroom.

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  1. Reply September 1, 2018 / 18:09 AdamSiteGround Team

    This seems like quite the excellent opportunity for everyone involved. I will be sure to check out codeable in the future. With so many different options out there it is good to know that siteground vouches for another company like this. Knowing that I can expect the same high level of quality there as I have had with siteground makes me a happy customer.

  2. Reply October 23, 2018 / 14:37 EricaSiteGround Team

    I cannot see the banner in my user area, can you explain me why?

    • Reply October 25, 2018 / 00:03 Hristo PandjarovSiteGround Team

      Thanks for reporting this, I will look into it and email you back!

  3. Reply February 13, 2019 / 08:02 Subir ChowdhurySiteGround Team

    Dear Siteground,
    I like you most. But unfortunately I think your partner codeable does not qualify to be your partner. Can you please verify my words? Please go to codeable and open job for migrating a wordress site.
    You will see they estimates too much. For my case, they estimated $327 for simple migration which I can do myself in 1 hour or if I use programmer from or upwork, it could cost highest $50.
    They say their programmers are expert. But if you ask them if they know SSH, most of them will answer negatively. It is strange that an expert programer won't know SSH using which one can work fast and accurately.
    Can you please verify my words posting a job. This is just for one case, surely they are not experts in coding too if you can judge them.

    I know you are trying to give the best to your clients. You should choose such a partners who can also care your client most.

    • Reply February 13, 2019 / 15:17 Radost DachevaSiteGround Team

      Dear Subir,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am sorry to hear that you and Codeable did not find a match on this particular occasion. In this case, I suggest you utilise our SiteGround Migrator, which is an open source plugin, or, if for some reason it does not fit the needs of your project, contact our support instantly - our team will be happy to provide the help you need. I really hope you find a resolution of this pending issue without it causing you any troubles! In the same time, I take the responsibility to inform our partners Codeable of your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us again in any manner you prefer.

  4. Reply April 19, 2019 / 05:22 Usama AliSiteGround Team

    I want to customize these Woocommerce emails for my customers professionally.
    1. Account Created
    2. Password reset
    3. Order Processing
    4. Order-on-Hold
    5. Order Completed
    6. Order Refunded
    7. Order Cancelled

    • Reply April 19, 2019 / 05:40 Angelina MichevaSiteGround Team

      Hi Usama,

      We recommend you contact Codeable directly for a quote on doing these email customizations for you. To take advantage of the credit available for SiteGround customers for the Codeable service log into your User Area and follow the steps to submit your project.

  5. Reply December 30, 2019 / 05:35 kimberleySiteGround Team

    can I please have someone email me about using your service please

    • Reply December 30, 2019 / 07:09 Marina YordanovaSiteGround Team

      Hello Kimberley, since you already have an account with us, please log in to your account and go to

      From there you can select the option that fits best your question or request, and you will be connected to the respective department handling such requests.


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