Yana, information security officer at SiteGround

Yana, information security officer at SiteGround: Fusing online security & art

We’re diving into the next exciting journey part of our ON & OFF THE CLOCK series – a dedicated spotlight stories about the women of SiteGround who keep us inspired day in and day out. We’ve already introduced you to Sophia, the web designer who infuses every project with boundless creativity, and Velina, the adventurous HR who’s always ready for a challenge. And let’s not forget about Dobromira, the DevOps engineer who fearlessly blazes trails in a traditionally male-dominated field. These women embody the spirit of SiteGround – fearless, innovative, and always pushing boundaries.

Now, we’re telling the story of Yana – the unstoppable force behind SiteGround’s cyber security measures. As our Information Security Officer, Yana’s passion for protecting our community is unmatched. But there’s more to her than meets the eye – athlete at heart with a pinch of love for painting and gaming, let’s dive into her story.

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Rumina Mateva

Marketing Specialist

Interested in finding the middle ground between content writing, marketing assets and the ever-evolving technology.

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Apr 07, 2023

I love SiteGround. This hosting company does it right on every level.

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Gabriela Andonova Siteground Team

Apr 10, 2023

Thanks for sharing your positive feedback - we really appreciate it!


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